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This is for the old school SmitHappens fans, back when this site didn't suck. My buddy Sam of Green Eggs and Sam winning the "King of the Cruise" contest by performing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" as a love, rap and opera song.
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This guy is in for one heck of a surprise. I hope it was worth it.
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SNL standout Andy Samberg has an upcoming movie called Hot Rod that is sure to be hilarious. As an added bonus it also stars the super hot Isla Fisher.
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This one's for all you diehard techie geeks out there. The Samsung K5 MP3 can handle getting run over by a car while your crappy video iPod cries in the corner.
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So apparently dressing up like Osama bin Laden qualifies as terrorism now. WTF? Next thing you know, jack-o-lanters will be considered forms of arson. Where did people'e sense of humor go?
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The residents of Sesame Street sing the NWA classic "F*ck the Police" in this cute music video. You should know it's NSFW (nor safe for kids) as Bert & Ernie drop multiple F-bombs.
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