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Replace a mirror with a window pane in a public bathroom, put identical twins on each side of the window, and then freak out everyone who comes in. HILARIOUS.
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Seeing as its that time of year for exams and the need for peace and quiet in the dorms, this video seems pretty appropriate. (read: do this in your dorm right now)
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Using a clamp to hold on to your friends undies while you give him a wedgie is pretty mean. Adding a chain to the mix is just plain wrong. Prepare to cringe.
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Apparently the nice gentlemen with waste management don't like people playing pranks on them. Try this at home anyways!
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A hot girl pulls a prank on an unsuspecting guy in a bar on the British TV show "Balls of Steel." I bet everyone here would have done the exact same thing.
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Great idea to set up the waterbed this way in a department store. I just wanna know why half of these idiots do swan dives on to a waterbed?
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These guys dig out a huge puddle in the middle of a trail and video tape tons of people falling in.
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Teacher caught with his pants down, LOLOLO!!
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