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Some pretty awesome trick shots on pool tables. No big deal!
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Thinking about jumping into a pool? Heres exactly how not to do it. Freakin idiot. (By the way, he should've left his insanely oversized shirt on for added humor.)
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If your dog is afraid of water, at least maybe he could do this to retrieve his toys.
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Things going wrong in swimming pools. I am in one of the clips, try and figure out which one I am!
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...From five stories up. Holy crap. He broke both his legs and his pelvis but he lived. What a moron.
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Nice form, but a little rough on the landing. I give it an 8.
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Some crazy pool shots, including jumping the ball into a shoe on another table.
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Just how do you make four, yes four tables worth of pool balls in on one shot? With a lot dominos, that's how. I wonder how long it took to set that shot up.
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