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Check out the latest Kicked in the Nuts episodes here. From the writers of Family Guy.
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Have you ever seen 33 men get hit in the nards with the same baseball? Would you like to?
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Perhaps you should rethink ever hitting a golf ball near any trees. At least if any of your friends are around.
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This commercial is a friendly reminder from our Canadian neighbors that your taxes are due right around the corner.
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Hey. Are you bored? Yeah, me too. Why don't we set my balls on fire?
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Yes that is correct. These Japanese gameshow contestants volunteered to be hit repeatedly in the testicles. Wait for the guy in the red. It's worth it.
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Why would anyone let somebody shoot them in the nuts with a cannon? So that we could all laugh at how dumb they are, of course.
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A squirrel navigates an intricate maze to get to his nuts.
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