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This fat kid from Richmond, Virginia has figured out a way to swim at the community pool without getting made fun of. A truly heartwarming story.
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A deep sea fishing trip gone wrong when this marlin flies out of the water and stabs this kid.
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This funny song is from The Whitest Kids U Know. It will be stuck in your head forever.
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Attention Monsters: This litte kid will eff you up if you try any funny stuff.
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Cleveland Cavaliers center Scot Pollard looked into the camera during Sunday's game and said, "Hey kids, do drugs." In related news, I have seen a 5000% profit increase this past week for my side business, Crack Fo Kids.
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Mind controlled video games? If this ever catches on, our kids are doomed into a life of pasty skin and pimples.
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I'm sure this kid's parents were really proud of him for dressing up like a well hung dragon for the school play.
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Check out this commercial before you start multiplying.
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This kid can barely see over the steering wheel, and yet he tears around town pimping a Vette. He even slows down to show off for the ladies. What a kid.
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This kid is ridiculous on the drums. Must have been born with a drumstick in his hand.
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This stupid fat kid gets the brilliant idea to jump off a van. But of course it doesnt go as planned. Man, is he stupid! And fat!
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Gotta love a fat kid scared to death on a ride and his mother sitting next to him, laughing at him.
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