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Kicking footballs into cars is the best sport ever! It's a 96!
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Gotta love trick plays in sports. This one is perfectly executed by a high school football team. Just too SWEEEEET!
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In case you missed the big game, here is a picture that says it all. I know it's a tiny picture, shut up!
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This site has all of the commercials from this past weekend's Super Bowl XLI. While overall I think they sucked compared to other years, but there's still a few hilarious ones. Check em out.
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Here's a hilarious rendition of Tony Romo botching the snap to lose in the playoffs to the Seattle Seahawks.
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A compilation of the greatest football plays of all time. Most of them are pretty obvious, but it's freaking sweet that they are all in one video. And I wanted a reason to post the hot FSU girl.
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Heres a list of the top Ohio State and Michigan college football videos in anticipation of the big matchup tomorrow! Go Hokies!
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...and promptly gets jacked up. He laid down a nice stiff arm on the first guy though.
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Some classic touchdown celebrations to remind us of a time when the NFL allowed such things...way back in 2005.
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Compilation of the hardest hitting tackles to ever be caught on tape.
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Philly coach Andy Reid captured on camera saying "Watch This" just before Donovan McNabb connects with WR Donte Stallworth for a wide open touchdown. Genius!
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Heck yes, son, thats how YOU PLAY THE GAME!
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