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This fat kid from Richmond, Virginia has figured out a way to swim at the community pool without getting made fun of. A truly heartwarming story.
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Oh you know, it's just the office's fat guy dancing to Soulja Boy's "Crank That" next to my cubicle.
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Giving hope to overweight men everywhere are these famous fatties and their hotter-than-fried-bologne wives.
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This is an old classic, but it's personally one of my favorite music videos. If you've never seen it, be prepared to be amazed by Christopher Walken. He is a dancing machine.
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The best thing about large women is how much they have to offer. Especially when shaking their stuff for the camera.
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This stupid fat kid gets the brilliant idea to jump off a van. But of course it doesnt go as planned. Man, is he stupid! And fat!
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Gotta love a fat kid scared to death on a ride and his mother sitting next to him, laughing at him.
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