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CRACKED Magazine compiles a list of the Top 10 Most Obnoxious Recurring SNL Characters of all-time with great in-depth analysis and video samples. Who is your least favorite?
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There are some cartoons you just shouldn't be proud of watching when you were a kid. (Jem anyone?) Here are some of the theme songs you should be even more ashamed of.
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There are more than a few sure fire signs that you are a villain in a Hollywood action movie, and here they are.
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A first draft of the new Spidey flick has fallen into the hands of the guys over at Cracked, who are nice enough to share it with us.
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Cracked runs down the most obviously similar movies that were made within a year of eachother. Funny how copying a $15 DVD is illegal, but plagiarizing a $15 million script isn't. Stupid Hollywood.
Rate it! -1-2-3-4-5- Rating: 2.6 Clicks: 3415 Tags: cracked, movie, article sorts through high and low points of Stiller's career. Of course they add clips of their favorite scenes. I just wish there more than a mention of Something About Mary.
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Cracked runs through their favorite action heroes to decide who is the most badass. Im going with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
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Cracked has produced a collection of the perfect Valentine's Day cards for you to buy yourself. Since, of course, nobody else would be buying them for you.
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Here is a Cracked collection of the top 5 Mr. Show sketches. Click our Mr.Show tag below and to the right to watch a couple more.
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Cracked compiled the funniest Scot Armstrong movie scenes along with the clips. If you don't recognize the name, his movies include Old School, Starsky and Hutch, and Bad Santa.
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Cracked came up with their Cliffs Notes interpretation of Mystikal's song Pussy Crook. Each of the song clips are NSFW and most of the words on the screen are as well, but this is absolutely hilarious.
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The folks at Cracked were displeased by Time Magazine's vague selection, so they elaborated on it. And of course there are videos.
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Here is an article from the vault over at describing the endless battle between your morning and night personas. It is 8:39 PM and mine are still arguing.
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Cracked put together a list of the NBA's funniest, weirdest, coolest and stupidest moments captured on video.
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Cracked put together their favorite coaching outbursts, with the videos. Playoffs!!
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Thanks to for this great list of Borat Skits. Hilarious. If you don't know Borat, he's one of Sacha Baron Cohen's charcters. (Cohen also does Ali G, duh) Watch!
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CRACKED puts together another quality list, this time of ridiculous celebrity commercials in Japan. Did they honestly think they could get away being lame sellouts without us radical Americans finding out?
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The Top 10 Jackass skits of all-time, with videos!
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