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Here's some amazing art created by different colors of sand. Check it out for yourself.
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Awesome stop motion video of a guy trying on different t-shirts thus creating a human flipbook effect.
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Here's some amazing wiffle ball pitches to strike out your local punk 5th graders.
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A Porche GT3 RS drawn in Microsoft Paint. This is simply amazing. Now will somebody buy me a freaking Porsche already!
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Awesome motorcycle tricks mashed together in one awesome compilation. Soon I'll post some motorcycle tricks gone wrong.
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Here's the Top 10 Greatest David Beckham Goals in one video clip that you can watch on repeat while he is sitting on the bench for the LA Galaxy.
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Here's the biggest mouth ever. I don't know what to think.
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The tiny hotel rooms over in Japan remind me very much of a city morgue... not a place I want to visit just yet.
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Next time you're bored at work, gather up some office chairs with wheels, building material to make a ramp, and interns to lay on the ground. That's all you need to kick some ass at office chair jumping!
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Gotta love trick plays in sports. This one is perfectly executed by a high school football team. Just too SWEEEEET!
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This kid have developed some crazy ultrasound skills. He can recognize everything.
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1,500 plus CPDRC inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines practice their rendition of Michael Jackson's "Thriller."
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This clip is absolutely insane. So listen up kids - if you want to be cool, please try this at home.
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What do you do with a lot of old PCs and some extra time on your hands? Play dominoes of course. Try this with the computers in your office kids!
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And I happily present to you... THE HUMAN SLINKY!
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Ever wanted to shove a bunch of glowsticks in a blender to see what happened, but were always too scared to actually do it? Me too! So luckily for us, we get to watch somebody else do it first.
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Check out this gallery of amazing advertisements from around the world.
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How's this for reminding you of how unlucky you really are? This guy buys a farm only to find a loot of classic cars.
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Need something to get that special someone for Valentines Day? Just pick up one of the wacky undergarments.
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Running out of things to paint on? How about on the side of an airplane?
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Check out this news clip of a lion appearing to be giving out hugs and kisses to some crazy woman. More like tasting his meal before dinner.
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This guy creates an awesome artwork by spraying spray paint really, really fast!
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This is what happens to your laundry during the spin cycle. Pretty cool.
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Just hadta post the LongCat! Because that's the longest freaking cat evar! Send in some other webpages like this! Exclamation points rock!
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An awesome clip of skaters using invisible boards. Dudical!
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Watch the nine months of gestation of this woman in twenty seconds!
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These are the probably the oldest photos on the Internet, but in case you have never seen them, check them out. Pretty sweet.
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Shirts that give off light. The perfect accessory to ecstacy and glowsticks for ravers!
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This guy takes a picture of himself everyday for six years and posts the video on the web. I always try to do this but I never remember past the first day.
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