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10 minutes of "The Office" bloopers to start the day off right.
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Cute Newscaster from FOX News getting a little tongue tied. She then passes to a fellow newscaster and he cant keep from laughing really hard
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And it goes wrong very quickly. You will not see it coming.
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It is fairly obvious what this video is about so just insert a corny joke about training wheels here.
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This reporter calls the climber gay when she means to say blind. I can see how she got confused.
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The harshest winter months are upon us, and with them come snow and ice. And stupid people.
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This is how the Australians come on down. Bob Barker would have played it off better than this host does.
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Nice compilation of sporting bloopers. Watch closely what happens to the pole vaulter. Yowza.
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I love the chick who thinks she's about to run through the banner, but ends up ramming the football team. Typical Friday night for a high school cheerleader. That's right, your daughter is a whore.
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The always sexy World Series of Poker babe, Shana Hiatt, has a few blooper moments on the camera!
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All that reading from a teleprompter for 10 seconds a night sure does take some skill that these guys just dont have. They love saying the F-word, so look out!
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