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Girls showing off some sexy dance moves by the campfire for this commercial for Moosehead Light in Canada.
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This commercial proves that every office in America needs a swear jar. And a case of beer isn't a bad idea either.
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I am sure this took countless hours of practice and not getting laid. Unless he had impressionable girls drinking his made cups the whole time.
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Bud Light presents, Real American Heros. This time around, male cheerleaders.
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I have the exact same supersoaker, but have never used it to its full potential. The full potential as being illustrated in this video.
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Heineken is pretty darn good, but better than Jennifer Aniston? Come on, now. That's just silly.
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At least this beer company is not hiding the fact that their product will probably lead to poor judgment.
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Best. Marketing. Ever. Each commercial features sexy women and booze. I am going to start driking this beer. Right. Now. Punctuation. Rules.
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Husband crawls around the house licking up the beer his wife spills. Until she's empty.
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Speaking of beer, here's another brewski commercial. This one has a super hottie using her cans to open a bottle!
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These guys can fly helicopters with such exact precision to open up a bottle of beer. What an awesome waste of fuel!
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A funny commerical that sports one of the coolest (and probably only) beer robots ever.
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