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The Top 10 Greatest Basketball Backboard Breaking Dunks of all time!
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This is incredible... a sissy slap fight results in a flying roundhouse kick to the face. Sweet.
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A Porche GT3 RS drawn in Microsoft Paint. This is simply amazing. Now will somebody buy me a freaking Porsche already!
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Awesome motorcycle tricks mashed together in one awesome compilation. Soon I'll post some motorcycle tricks gone wrong.
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For anyone who was disappointed with the season finale, here is the alternate director's cut ending not shown on tv. It is a huge improvement.
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This video shows some pretty sweet home made transformer costumes made in celebration of the new Transformers movie, and of these guys never, ever getting laid.
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This is a pretty awesome bar trick. Especially since there are way more jager bombs than barguests, so everyone gets to drink two or three.
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Ever wonder how to keep pesky squirrels off your porch? Well wonder no more.
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So that vending machine won't give you the succulent bag of chips you just dropped 65 cents on? Try this out.
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This is the best collection of mullets ever compiled. Some of the descriptions are absouletly awesome. Watch out for the Termullnator.
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I have the exact same supersoaker, but have never used it to its full potential. The full potential as being illustrated in this video.
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One of the coolest and most original music videos I've ever seen.
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In case you were debating whether or not to have kids, maybe this will help in your decision.
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As if you needed anymore reasons to go to a bar. Here is one that lights up every time you put your empty glass or you empty your stomach onto the bar.
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