Ten Stewie Griffin Clips

Stewie Drunk

Brian gives Stewie the idea to start drinking so Stewie gets hammered and tries to jump from a shelf to his high chair.

Annoying Lois

Lois is pissed so Stewie tries to annoy her. He does a pretty good job.

Kung Fu In The Sandbox

Stewie does some Kung Fu moves in the sandbox. "I'd freakin drop her ass." Priceless.

In An Elevator

A guy on a cell phone gets into an elevator with Stewie. Bad move guy.

Training For The Olympics

Stewie is training for the olympics around the house. Gotta love how he convinces himself that doing the floor routine doesn't make him look gay.

Hair Removal

Brian walks in on Stewie doing a little shaving. Includes one of the best lines ever: "Would you shave my coin purse?"

Box Of Grenades

An older clip of Stewie, from when he was still going for world domination. Here, Lois has taken his mind control device so he threatens here with a box of live grenades.

Compliment Sandwich

Stewie talks Brian into helping out with his pyramid scheme and now he's giving him a little criticism.

Cheer Up

Stewie is trying to cheer up Peter at the Renaissance Fair. Short but sweet. As sweet as Stewie can be anyways.

Where's My Money?

Wow. This has to be my all time favorite Stewie clip. The moral here is deffinately not to mess around with Stewie's money.