July 20, 2002
Hullo. Well... ain't much going on recently... Been working every single day. Seven days a week. Last week I almost got blown up. Yes, industrial strength glue is flammable. Tomorrow we leave for good ol' Danville VA. I'll be there until Friday. Check out this story that Piyum wanted me to put on the site. And some pictures of stpd playing mothereffin spades.

piyed 24 (11:32:39 PM): yo, i have story for u to put on ur site
smit happens (11:32:43 PM): ok
piyed 24 (11:32:53 PM): aright here goes
piyed 24 (11:33:50 PM): i'm at work (lifeguarding) and the pool i work at didnt hire any desk attendants so lifeguards take over in shifts
smit happens (11:33:59 PM): ya
piyed 24 (11:34:02 PM): desk attentant checks for passes and shit
piyed 24 (11:34:08 PM): so today i decided to do it for 2 hours
piyed 24 (11:34:25 PM): so i'm at the desk sorta gettin bored
smit happens (11:34:31 PM): ya
piyed 24 (11:34:45 PM): so i started to hand stands on top of the desk
smit happens (11:34:58 PM): retard
piyed 24 (11:34:59 PM): i do it a bunch of kids are like do it again
piyed 24 (11:35:05 PM): so i do it again
piyed 24 (11:35:20 PM): then some of the people i work with are like that was cool do it again
smit happens (11:35:26 PM): haha
piyed 24 (11:35:35 PM): 3rd time i do it, i lose my balance
piyed 24 (11:35:58 PM): i come crashing down like a falling domino and land on top of this 40 year old lady
smit happens (11:36:05 PM): hahah
piyed 24 (11:36:32 PM): this lady gets pounded into the ground
smit happens (11:36:37 PM): :-[
piyed 24 (11:36:38 PM): i'm like holy shit
piyed 24 (11:37:10 PM): i'm so embarrased i'm like sayin how sorry i am, all the moms at the pool are talking about me
piyed 24 (11:37:27 PM): turns out this lady is lawyer
smit happens (11:37:33 PM): holy shit
piyed 24 (11:38:07 PM): she goes home comes back at the end of the day, says she is aright
piyed 24 (11:38:22 PM): seriously man i thought i was gonna get sued
smit happens (11:38:34 PM): you shouldve gotten sued
piyed 24 (11:38:35 PM): everyone makes fun of me now and laughs me
piyed 24 (11:38:40 PM): i know
smit happens (11:38:51 PM): thats funny tho
piyed 24 (11:39:22 PM): yeah crazy day today, i'm such an ass

Tom playing spades.

Pete playing spades.

Dan playing spades.

SmittDOGG playing spades.

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July 14, 2002
Here it is. I redesigned the site just a tad. I got sick of the old menu and its shoddy scroll bar. I thought about changing the colors but red is good for now. Ya heard. Last night we went bowling. Cosmically. I got a turkey in the 10th frame only to lose by one effin point. WHATEVER. This is all.

July 13, 2002
Hello. Just got back from shooting some pix with Sam and MJ. First off, we went to the Salvation Army WITHOUT MJ! HAHAHAHAHAHA. We shot a couple videos of us frickin destroying an imitation Barney. Destroyed. But you will have to wait until I get to school to see them because they are so big that I don't want to upload them now on my crappy modem. HAHAHA. Then we went to the mall and BK. You can check out the new adventures of MJ by CLICKING HERE. CLICK HERE FOR MJ2! HAHAAHHAHAHA. That is all. I'm out. Enjoy a picture of my blister from playing basketball. LAAAAAAAATE.

July 8, 2002
I'm thinking of giving my site a facelift... Getting tired of the same look. I will do that sometime soon. Hmm... My friend Tom is from Utah. He identified Mystery Jazzman as Mark Eaton. Don't worry, he will always be MJ in our hearts. Eat it TOM. My car has been in the shop three times in the past week. As soon as I got back from NY, I got in my badass Tempo to run some errands. Sonuvabitch would not start. Not even a click. So I got jumped to get to Circuit City. I went in purchased some merchandise, then came back to my badass Tempo. No click. Called Pops to come jump me. Lucky for me, my family has two Tempos. Whenever you buy a Tempo, you have to buy a backup Tempo. We drove to Auto Track and tested the battery. Sure, it was fine. Had to get jumped again to drop it off at the shop. Pops jumped me, then hauled ass out of the parking lot. I attempted to follow but then it died again. I had to wait 30 minutes til he returned from the shop to come jump me again. Four jumps in two hours. Dropped the Tempo off at the shop. Sleep. Time to pick up the Tempo. You know what, my car is the Pimpo. Time to pick up the Pimpo. It needed a battery. I drive and its loud as hell and bucks a lot. They screwed me. Returned the Pimpo to the shop. Sleep. Pick up the Pimpo. Drive to see fireworks at Dogwood Dell. Finally find a parking spot in some ghetto ass alley. Get out of the Pimpo. Pimpo starts smoking. Engine overheated. I got screwed again. Walked to see the crappy ass fireworks show. Drove home with heat on full blast burning my feet. Return Pimpo to shop. Now I have no Pimpo. :(. Anybody want to buy the Pimpo for a cool grand, let me know. After all, it is THE PIMPO. I have decided to put up some pictures of Tempos, not Pimpos. Along with a couple pictures of Sam and his badass shirts!

Looks just like the Pimpo. You can have it for only $1,000!

Two children next to their parents' Tempos. Two neglected, abused, starving children.

Can't outrun this Tempo-po.

Frickin souped up Tempo with Christmas lights around it. Still not the Pimpo.

There are no words to describe how beautiful this is.

One less Tempo on the roads. Sniffle.


July 1, 2002
Hello. I added a new page. You can find it on the menu, or HERE. CLICK HERE FOR MYSTERY JAZZMAN. Also, I have been posted on www.hotornot.com. You can find me at (http://www.hotornot.com/r/?eid=KLAEBSS&key=HKT). Copy and Paste that. Or just look at the picture that is on the site below. Tata.