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Mar 31 2006

posted by: Smit
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It's the weekend already and this one is sure to be a doozy with all of our friendgirls running the Monument 10K while all of the friendboys drinking all day and throwing bottles at them.

'That Guy' Photo Collection
I put together a bunch of pictures of random 'That Guys' caught butting into other people's snapshots so you can look at them, gather up ideas, and do the same thing this weekend.

Rickerwear Tees Extravaganza!
You're not cool unless you get one of these vulgar and offensive shirts to wear while you pee your pants in public.

Daily Babe - Neriah Davis
Playboy Playmate Neriah is en fuego. (on fire in Spanish)

Daily Game - Victory Is Ours! Family Guy
Help Stewie conquer his family on his quest to dominate the entire universe.

Baby Opening Condom
And her honorable parents were there to snap photos of it to plaster on the Internet.

Penelope Cruz Wears Fake Butt
She has appeared topless in 8 films, but her tush apparently is just not curvy enough so producers fitted her with a prosthetic pooper.

Whitney Houston's Drug Pile
I was watching 'The Bodyguard' this afternoon when I sympathized with her for a split second until I found this link to realize she's nothing but a coke whore.

Top 87 Bad Predictions of the Future
Kinda like how I said Villanova was going to win it all.

Sharon Stone Advocates Oral
When teens are in a compromising situation where they may feel pressured into having sex, Sharon suggests dropping to their knees to do the deed.

Top Music Videos of the 80's (With Videos!)
And yet I don't remember any of them because I'm half retarded.

Three 6 Mafia is Producing Paris Hilton's Record
Oscar-winning hip-hop superstars are in charge of creating Paris Hilton's CD. Radical.

Pouring Ketchup - A Technical Analysis
Just another very important scientific study which will improve the lives of millions across the globe.

Friday's Huge Babe Video Collection
I put together a huge collection of the hottest vids available on the net for free. Check it out, bebbaaay!

Mar 30 2006

posted by: Smit
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I'm going to the dentist today for the first time in years. It's always my favorite thing to open my skull wide open to be jabbed with metal picks and asked forty questions at the same time.

The Daily Show - FOX News and Spring Break
Jon and the gang tackle Fox's 'Fair & Balanced' news and how they portray the imminent dangers of a serial killer targeting prostitutes as bikini clad coeds dance on stage.

Leprechaun in Alabama
This is the craziest most hilarious video I've seen all week. And I probably watch a few hundred every week. I'm thinking it is close to beating out Bubb Rubb for the ghettoest video of all time.

What Happened to the Red Power Ranger
As if you were really wondering and/or cared. (I'll give you a hint, it's probably NSFW.)

Sienna Miller Topless Calendar Shoot
Sienna Miller dances around topless with a fashion model for a Pirelli calendar shoot. That'll teach Jude Law to cheat on her.

Prime Minister Nose Pick... and Eat
The possible next PM of Italy is caught picking and eating his boogers.

Awkward Roommate Situations
Everybody has those awkward run-ins with the roomie that are better left not talked about... and this one is just one of them.

Snakes on a Plane FAQ
Everything you ever wanted to know about the new Sammy L Jackson flick but were too afraid to ask.

Kate Moss Attacks Paparazzi With Handbag
I'd probably do the same thing if I were loaded with coke and bulimic anorexic. Which I am but nobody cares about taking my picture. Sigh.

Woman Takes a Load to the Face
What the hell is that disgusting white creamy liquid squirted all over her face? Click if you dare.

The Soprano's Paulie Quotes of the Week
Relive those memorable sayings over and over again, and still have idea what the feck he is saying.

Daily Babe - Athena
Named after the greek goddess of wisdom and war meaning she's smarter than you and will kick your ass. Who better than this girl, right guys, right?!?!?

Sasha Cohen is Hot
But manages to choke every single time. Maybe she's into S&M?

Family Guy - Vowels Hate 'Y'
Which is understandable considering he's such a pompous asshole.

America's Next Top Model For Sale
Everyone has their price as exemplified by this ANTM spoof which includes plenty of girls vomitting and discussing pooping.

These Guys Hate Ace of American Idol
So much hatred for the Eddie Vedder wannabe. Can't we all just happily enjoy watching artificial teeny boppers sing other people's songs?

Crazy Falling Hamsters
What else would you expect? You're a fucking mouse, and you've got nothing to do but do backflips and crawl up Richard Gere.

Frontrunner for the Celeb Grope Contest
One of the first entrants for CollegeHumor's awesome contest. I predict this will become a national past time.

Maddox's Alphabet of Manliness
The Internet's most notorious badass has released a book this week which is bound to be off-the-wall hilarious. If you don't know who Maddox is, then Google him. And die.

Top Almost Dead Celebrities
But are somehow still kicking it... even when the rest of society doesn't really want them to be.

Mar 29 2006

posted by: Smit
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Oh hey ladies!

Family Guy - Peter Learns About a Vasectomy
From the barbershop quartet.

Kids Go Crazy Over N64
And I mean clinically insane on the verge of demented and psychotic. Guns don't kill people, kids getting video game consoles on Christmas do.

'I Have the Body of a God' Tee
You didn't specify which god exactly, teehehe. You got a six pack, well I got a keg right here! Teehehehe.

Hottest Couple Ever
There really must be such a thing as fate.

Drink in a Bar, Get Arrested
For public intoxication. Just one more reason why I should continue to drink in my room all by myself everyday.

Ashlee Simpson Makes Out With Dolphin
Since humans and dolphins are the only mammals that have sex for pleasure, it's okay right? Gallery from Kelly Slater's Surf International.

New Hottest Couple of the Year
The couple above has already been dethroned. As you can see, the competition is intense.

Daily Babe - Jamie
Oh gimme a hell yeah.

Celebrities Without Makeup
Make the world go round.

Mar 28 2006

posted by: Smit
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I am looking to get a dog for my new place. Give me ideas for something that doesn't suck.

MadTV's "My Slump" Video
Hilarious music video from this weekend's episode featuring George W. Bush and the Blackeyed Peas.

Snake Passout Video
Funny clip of a guy passing out after a snake crawls under his leg.

Four People Pick Correct Final Four
Out of over 3 million bracket entries on 66 percent of the brackets picked ZERO correctly. Including me.

Comedian As Denzel, Morgan Freeman, and Chris Rock
Hilarious impressions which are dead on accurate.

Kristin Kreuk on Smallville Video
Steamy clip of Kristin stripping down and jumping into the pool. I've never seen this show until now, and I'm ordering all the seasons on DVD tomorrow.

Family Guy - Peter's Milkshake
Brings all the boys to the yard, damn right, it's better than yours.

Girls Try On All Their Underwear
Reminds me of Joey putting all of Chandler's clothes on at the same time, but a tad more sexy.

Breaking Down the Facebook Wall
Hilarious article by a fellow JMU Duke regarding the ridiculous comments left on profile walls.

Insane Balancing Act
This extreme type of flexibility is disgusting.

The Most Popular Girl on MySpace
Tila Tequila has received over a quarter BILLION hits to her profile. Which you can find by clicking here.

Japanese Manhole Covers
Nice collection of painted manhole covers. Nothing more, nothing less.

Britney as Marilyn Monroe
Why she is still with K-Fed is beyond me.

Daily Babe - Sunny Cruz
One of the hottest girls I've posted in awhile.

How To Get Your Girlfriend to Lose Weight
Considering that this will most likely not go over well, you probably should have never dated a porker in the first place.

Scarlett Johansson: "Sexiest Woman Alive"
According to FHM. She beats out Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry, and Terri Hatcher. Next week the "Sexiest Rotting Corpse" list is released.

Cop Beatdown Video
Scary clip of a huge black man beating the shit out of a white woman cop. Not cool at all.

Rock Balancing
This guy is the most incredible rock balancer I have ever seen.

Show Us Your Character!
I've teamed up with the USA Network's new website in the search for America's most unique character... join now and see if you can make it to Hollywood!

Mar 27 2006

posted by: Smit
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Today is my half birthday. Buy me things.

Drunk Animals Video
These wild animals will do anything to get sloshed. Kinda like getting your dog drunk or high but twelve times as awesome.

10 Movies That Went Wrong
One of which has effectively ruined Jessie Spano's acting career and hopes of getting into Stanford.

Top 25 Craziest Deaths
These will certainly be hard to top. Start planning now!

George Mason Advances to Final Four
JMU's archrival GMU has taken the nation by storm by being the first CAA team to advance this far in the tournament. 59% of Americans want the Patriots to win it all. Which includes me.

Don't Hate Her Because She's Beautiful
Hate her because she's not bouncing on your lap.

Next Great Invention - The Fart Deodorizer
Next time your wife has a bad episode of gas, consider getting her this and punch her in the face.

Naughty Sisters
Not really sure what the purpose of the photograph is but that little kid will probably grow up to be a serial killer.

Top 10 Air Guitar Songs!
You're not a true fan unless you play some kind of invisible instrument with no rhythm whatsoever.

Natalie Portman Likens Hollywood to Prostitutes
Any money hungry actors who take roles soley for the money are no better than cheap hookers on the corner of fifth and main. I like this girl more and more every day.

Family Guy - Peter Gets Drunk
Hilarious clip of all those times that Peter gets wasted.

Daily Girl Next Door - Crystal
Not too shabby, eh?

Rubiks Cube in 11 Seconds
How in the fuck do people do this? I just peel off the stickers to solve it but even that takes a good hour or so.

That Guy on Spring Break

Britney Spears Giving Birth Statue
I really have no idea what to say about this other than I have backordered one to place in my herb garden.

Top 15 Skylines in the World
See how your city stacks up. Richmond sadly did not make the list but stays strong in the homocide category.

Show Us Your Character!
I've teamed up with the USA Network's new website in the search for America's most unique character... join now and see if you can make it to Hollywood!

Mar 24 2006

posted by: Smit
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Everything is back to normal now after yet another server transition. How bout the Texas vs. WVU game, can it get any better than that? No really, I'm asking you.

Adam Morrison and J.J. Redick Crying Game Video
I threw this nice little slideshow together of last night's defeats of the top two scorers in NCAA Division 1 basketball... crying like little babies. True basket-BAWLERS. HAHAHA.

Funny Vulgar Shirts BLOWOUT!
My buddy over at Moe Wampum has slashed his prices on his massive collection of novelty shirts. Now you can offend the general public at half the price!

Daily Game - Adrenaline Challenge
I guarantee you cannot get past the second level within half an hour. Why am I so confident? Because I still can't beat it. And I am all that is man.

Elish Cuthbert Smokes Cigarettes
Damn you Kim Bauer, DAMN YOU!! Jack Bauer doesn't kill people, his dumbass daughter blowing secondhand smoke everywhere does.

Everything in Florida is Flat
Well just about everything. Hehehee if you catch my drift and I think ya do. Teheehehehehe.

South Park Strikes Back At Tom Cruise
"So, Scientology, you may have won this battle, but the million-year war for earth has just begun!"

Daily Girl Next Door - Kimberly!
Just go right over there and kneel down on the floor in your underwear so I can take pictures of you to plaster on the Internet. Good girl.

Foul Balls!
And to think this was the one game he actually forgot his athletic cup. ZING.

Huge Babe Video Collection
I put together a huge collection of the hottest vids available on the net for free. Check it out, bebbaaay!

Mar 23 2006


posted by: Smit
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Big day today baby! Email has been broken since last night, and continues to be broken so I haven't gotten anything if you sent me hate mail. Updating now!

Daily Girl Next Door - Kandyce
Chicks who spell their name with a 'K' in place of what should be a 'C' are always looking to have a good time.

Ali G Interviews a Feminist
All women should at least try some feminism when they are out drinking to see if they like it.

TomKat Out at Night
Katie has really let herself go these days.

Animal Kingdom Cockblock
It's never cool to interrupt a guy spittin game to a girl as exemplified by some monkeys. Absolutely hilarious... (Might be NSFW, depends if your boss likes animal sex.)

Shelf Invented to Hide Porn
Because under the mattress, in the closet, or in the Bible just doesn't cut it anymore. Sorry kids if your mom read this and I revealed your secret spots.

Top Inventions of 2006
It's only March, and there's already five pages worth of top inventions. Porn shelf is not on it... yet.

The Godfather - The Game
This looks fucking amazing. Somebody needs to buy this for me, and then buy me PS2. Finally a mob game parents and the media can blame on when their kids turn guido.

Supersized Meals
Real meals for real men. Including a bacon cheeseburger with a Krispy Kreme donut bun.

250-Year-Old Tortoise Dies
Of liver failure. Lay off the liquor buddy.

Mar 22 2006

posted by: Smit
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Only one more day until March Madness resumes... and that much closer to the $150 Best Buy Gift Card to the winner!

Vinsanity! Vince Carter Dunks
A few clips of explosive dunks to remind you of how white you are.

Internet Explorer 7 Commercial
Microsoft's ad campaign for their web browser software to make your everyday tasks easier. Such as frequent crashing and collecting spyware.

Fire Extinguisher Prank Gone Wrong
Gotta love stupid kids with brilliant ideas such as this... waking up their buddy with a face full of foam which they worry may end up killing the guy.

Hilton Sisters Animated
Paris and Nikki get to add "animated" stars to their already long list of respectable accomplishments. Boy I can't wait to tune into this one on Saturday mornings.

Scarface Script Poster
Entirely handwritten poster made up of the entire script from Tony Montana's 1983 'Scarface'. Please buy it for me for my new apartment or I'll blow your fucking brains out.

Daily Girl Next Door - Leigh Ann
Sorta like LeAnn Rimes minus the eczema and plus the hotness.

Princess Panties
Any chick that has underwear that says "Princess" or "Sexy" or "Two-way street" was likely born a slut.

Daily Game - Ready! Aim! Fire!
Fly your jet across barren wasteland to shoot lasers at spaceships. And rock out to the kickass soundtrack.

Liz Hurley Loves Tom Sizemore
"She has these long smooth legs and the most perfect boobs I've ever seen. We kissed and stroked every last inch of each other. We couldn't get enough."

Celebrity Babies
Because regular people's babies just aren't special.

Cat Survives 80 Foot Fall + Video
And probably used around four of his lives in the process.

Since U Been Gone Video
These two fine ladies create their own music video to Kelly Clarkson's monster ballad. Fat people actually do have some purpose after all.

Laser Scissors!
Now you can finally cut in a straight line! Because you're fucking retarded!

26 Ways to Have Fun at the Supermarket
Will probably be helpful if you lived in New Zealand to follow these steps exactly.

True Life - Einstein
Ten facts about the genius you would have never known otherwise. You think you know, but you have no idea.

Mar 21 2006

posted by: Smit
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What a lovely first day of spring, 34 degrees and rainy. Updating now!

Chappelle Show - Jury Duty
One of the funniest skits from the king of comedy. Bring him back!

Ripe TV's New Casting Girl
Check out behind the scenes at the hottie Alejandra Gutierrez's Ripe TV Casting Video. This girl is hot!

Next Great Invention - The Bladder Buddy
This would definitely come in handy at college football games. Or concerts. Or crowded bars. Or when I'm sleeping.

Daily Game - Pocket Soccer
It took me awhile to get the hang of it, and now it's almost addicting as meth. I mean so I hear.

Jodie Marsh Looks Good
Just one of the few girls that can sorta kinda pull off fake n' bakin or self tanner in the dead of winter. The rest of you look like idiot sluts.

Tiger Woods' Pimp Pad
Bunch of pictures to what is rumored to be Tiger's kickass crib. Also believed to be the soccer player Ronaldinho's. Either way, sweetness.

Kelly Brook Dressed as Male Fantasies
Because I love when girls dress up as cops, french maids, or businessmen! Shady greasy businessmen! Oooooh lal alala.

Daily Babe - Barbie Griffin
While our women complain about how the Barbie doll is not anatomically correct, we can argue that it's anatomically awesome.

Saved By The Bell - Where Are They Now?! catches up with the cast of your favorite high schoolers as they battle drug and gambling addictions and one testicle.

Spring Break Monkey and Babe
A chimpanzee giving the middle finger is much more exciting for me than a pasty pale college coed.

Executive Ball Scratcher
The perfect gift for your boss. If your boss is a female, the perfect gift to give to your boss to use on you.

T&A Beer Commercial
Nothing sells beer to fat guys like hot women in bikinis flocking all over them. Reality sure is grand.

Mar 20 2006

posted by: Smit
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I'll be adding a ton more daily content as well as kicking off a few other sites to come your way within the next few weeks! Villanova all the way baby.

Figure Skaters Are Flexible
I caught the end of the classic flick "Cutting Edge" last night and it renewed my faith in the fact that movies I enjoyed as a kid were in fact, always crap.

Screaming on Rides Compilation
There's just something about seeing the terror in people's eyes and the horror in their screams that really just cracks me up.

Ballerinas in for a Surprise
Everybody gather around, it's time to pose with our leotards and flying scary black guys.

Christina Ricci Looking Dead... Sexy!
Must be a candid photo of her newest movie which apparently she's playing a gory zombie hottie. After all, a little necrophilia never really hurts anybody, right?

MDX Picking Up Hotties
Pick-up tips from hot girls! The MDX mission continues at the Sundance Film Festival. Watch and learn as the hot DoubleAgent girls give pick-up tips from the girls perspective. Then watch as their trainees hit the scene and try out their new moves.

College Girls Making Out
Almost there...

Top 10 Spring Break Destinations
In case you wanted to try and roofie some college frosh. I've only been to Miami on the list and I can proudly say I stood right next to Boy George and scored some crucial yayo.

Daily Girl Next Door - Britney
No description necessary.

Energy Drinks Review
Move over, Jolt, it's time for the energy drink revolution. Check to see how your favorite pickerupper pseudosoda compares to all the others.

Australian Chick Jailed in Bali... Tours?
This website is dedicated to Schapelle Corby, a 25 year old Aussie who got busted with trafficking drugs. Now you just pay this guy to visit her in jail and throw food at her.

Snakes on a Plane Movie Posters
The Farkers have come up with some pretty clever ad campaigns for this summer's Samuel L. Jackson soon to be blockbuster "Snakes on a Plane." (No, really.)

Snakes on a Plane Movie Trailer
In case you didn't believe me that it's a real movie, here's the trailer. Gonna be huge baby, HUGE.

12 Busted in Pot Candy Ring (Includes Video)
It's always a bummer when the feds have to bust up a great company which such products as Stoney Ranchers, Munchy Way, Buddafingers, Pot Tarts, Puff-A-Mint Pattie, and Toka-Cola.

Sons Who Make Their Daddy Proud
Hilarious collection of photographs of boys doing things their fathers would do if they weren't so drunk and deadbeat all the time.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Official Flash
A blast from the past... check out the official flash on the UK's WB website. Click 'DJ Fresh' to mix up some of your own tracks and add Carlton as a backup dancer.

Mar 17 2006

Friday !
posted by: Smit
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How are everyone's NCAA brackets? Mine is probably done... I guess I won't be able to keep that damned Best Buy gift card... I've changed the layout just a bit, more changes to come... hope you love it!

Natalie Portman and a Chimpanzee!
Holy crap, two of the main things I want right now to be bouncing in my lap and feeding me grapes.

Girl Next Door - Minnie
Now I know why Mickey always has perky ears, a smile on his face, and a permanent wet spot on his pants.

Pit Bull Attacks 7 Year Old Video
Note to self: When being chased by a vicious dog, do not prance around like a little girl and trip all over the place and expect Mr. Big Bad Cop to come rescue your ass.

This Shirt Gets Me Laid
Seriously it works every time. Sometimes hookers just need a little reassurance about your self-confidence.

Drunk Women Refused More Than Drunk Men
Next time you try to get a friendgirl to get you a drink at a crowded bar, maybe you should consider this.

Daily Game - Lunar Command
Stop the falling spaceship comet things from attacking your moon base! Or don't, I don't care.

CRAZIANS! Asian Kid vs. Black Kid Fight
Gotta love these fight videos that are popping up all over the net. I don't think the Asian kid ever had a chance... (Porn ads on the side).

Adriana Lima in GQ
Her latest photoshoot includes several side shots of her floppy bags of sand.

American Idol's Kellie Pickler Pictures
Her dad is in the state pen serving hard time, which explains why she is as dumb as a brick. Kinda hot, but an idiot.

Wedding Day Nudity
There's always that one crazy aunt who shows up drunk and pantyless.

Mar 16 2006

posted by: Smit
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This update is coming a tad later than normal, but better late than never I always say, right guys right? The NCAA tournament has kicked off, hope you all filled out your brackets. First place will win $150 bucks to Best Buy! Stuff coming now...

Girl Next Door - Jenny!
Back off, she's mine! No seriously. Stop looking at her, or I'll have to kick your ass. Okay fine I won't kick your ass but show me some respect. Please? No? Okay, fine, I'm a pussy.

Grill Catches Fire on Live TV
The wonders of live television and women trying to use a man's grill spells out hilarious disaster.

Keira Knightley in High School
Hard to believe that one of the hottest girls in Hollywood actually looked like... normal?!? You mean, she actually looked like shit and still made it big?!? Sphinctersayswhat?!

Why Good Girls Like Bad Guys
Written from a girl's point of view. Simply put, women don't like wusses. Hence the reason I have a three day waiting list of women at my disposal. I'm 100% badass.

Daily Game - Alien Hunter
Destroy the aliens like Will Smith in Independence Day, but don't accidently shoot down your fellow comrades like Will Smith to Eminem.

Jessica Alba in FHM
The latest photoshoot of Alba in For Him Magazine. Oh by the way, you're welcome!

Surreal Spring Break House Boating Trip
I have no idea what this is but it's weird as shit and professionally shot so I had to post it.

The Soprano's - Episode 1 Megamix
VH1's The Best Week Ever compiled this awesome remix of this week's fucking crazy Soprano's episode... Do the Malanga!

Pimped Out Plane Pictures
A pretty pimped out plane - complete with mood lighting. All it needs now is a disco ball and Snoop Doggy Dogg as the pilot.

Mar 15 2006

posted by: Smit
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Welp all 50 spots have been taken in the NCAA Pool. I should have done a different website which allowed more entrants. Oh well, snooze you lose! Prize list and details will come shortly.

Man Uses New Computer For Porno
Man calls in on live QVC to explain that he is happy about his purchase of a new Dell computer as it has made his porn viewing experience much more pleasurable.

Villanova's Allan Ray Poked in the Eye VIDEO
AHHHHHH if you haven't heard about this yet then you don't have a penis. The infamous poke which nearly causes him to lose his eye. GROSS.

Student Pulls Down Teacher's Pants
The kid videotaping this needs to get severely beaten down.

Shaq's Giant Party
A few pictures from a recent party of Kazaam and a white tiger.

Jessica Alba Doesn't Diet
Apparently she wants to appeal to fat women so that they can feel more beautiful when in all actuality they are still fat.

Girl Next Door - Lisa from 2001!
Man, what a blast from the past. This babe is from five years ago, back when I was a college freshman living in a shoebox and scarfing down Easy Mac and barbecue sauce.

Daily Game - Sniper
Practice picking off bad guys in high rise buildings with pin point accuracy. Or totally fuck up and give up your entire unit's position, your choice.

Mar 14 2006

posted by: Smit
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I have put together a pool for the NCAA Basketball tournament baby. It's limited to the first 50 entrants I believe so get in before this Thursday! Top finishers will win cash, DVD's, T-shirts, and some other goodies. Details are as follows:
1. Click here to Join Yahoo! Group!
2. Group number is 94373 and password is "balls".
3. Complete brackets by Thursday.
4. Sit back and lose. To me!

Unnecessary Censorship Part 5 Billion
Jimmy Kimmel's latest installment of his hit segment... perhaps they should make the entire show into one giant bleeping video montage.

Drunk Girl Gets Beer Spilled On Her
Obnoxious underage drunk college chicks deserve to be fucked with like this.

Girl Breaks Neck Doing Yoga
At first I figured that this was just some clever use of tricky camera work, but now I realize that she actually did twist her spine like that to sling some microwavable chicken.

Britney Spears Gropes Herself For Brad Pitt
And why wouldn't she? Hitting rock bottom has gotta be the biggest relief ever... being able to do anything and not worry about maintaining any shred of dignity.

Viva La (Jon) Stewart Shirt!
Show your support for the unbridled revolutionary spreading his message through The Daily Show. Or just suck it.

Porn Star Launches New Wine
Just what you need to top off the perfect ending of a romantic night. A candlelight dinner, some Marvin Gaye jams, and alcohol produced by a giant slut.

Girl Next Door - Tavia
Every guy wants a naked girl to sit on their work bench. I mean that's what life is all about... sweaty powertools.

Daily Game - Knock Out!
First person boxing game similar to that of the classic Mike Tyson's Punch Out. I made it all the way to the Brazillian guy who proceeded to wax my ass.

Women Hit By Cars Video
Silly female pedestrians end up getting run over when they walk into traffic. Thankfully, neither of them were too badly injured. LMAO.

Body Shot Sandwich
Whenever hot girls are licking each other's stomachs, this is the first thing I would do too. Remember to follow the golden rule: sammiches before bitches.

Avril is Getting Sexier and Sexier
And apparently stepping up for noble causes, such as a youth AIDS foundation and posing with washed out crappy rappers.

Mar 13 2006

posted by: Smit
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Well, this weekend was a blast. Great to see my long lost college buddies in D.C... As for the actual Shamrock Fest, what a bust. None of us wanted to wait the hour long line to pay 20 bucks to get in, and then wait another 30 minutes to buy 5 dollar beers. So I scaled the fence, lost everybody in the process, stumbled a mile and a half home, picked up some KFC, and passed out on the couch until women came and bounced on me. I'll post pictures when I find some.

ESPN - What the F*ck Was That?

Technical difficulties cause some hilarious outbursts from behind the scenes.

ESPN's Top Mound Charges Video
Relive the top 10 most nonboring events in Major League Baseball history. Note to self: Don't fuck with Nolan Ryan. Unless you're Mo Vaughn.

Girls Fall Off Stage Video
Maybe all girls should take note that maybe not everyone was meant to sing karaoke. Seriously.

Are We On? Compilation Video
I'm a sucker for cornrows and live television screwups. Here's a great montage for ya.

Dave Chappelle's Block Party Trailer
I caught Dave's interview on 'Inside the Actor's Studio' and man, I have a new found respect for this guy. Check this trailer for his hilarious new feature movie

Mini Celebrities!
The latest fashions for hip toddlers these days.

Girl Next Door - Oksana
Remember that figure skater from the Ukraine who wrecked her car drinking and driving? Oksana Baiul? Well, this isn't her.

Only Two Girls Short of a Threesome Tee
Any takers? Only one way to find out! (By wearing this shirt and hanging out by the local playground, duh.) (Sick.)

Daily Game - Dragon Slayer
Protect your castle from flying dragons with your magic wand. Then brag about your high score at happy hour.

Girl Busts Her Face Video
This is just brutal. Brutally fricking hilarious is more like it. HAHAHA OWNED.

Mar 10 2006

posted by: Smit
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Tomorrow I'll be at Shamrock Fest! See you there!

Horse Dumps On Lady's Head
Clip from Australia's version of "Funniest Home Videos" featuring the inevitable. Crawl under a horse, yell 'peekaboo', and expect to get shat on. It's more funny than gross.

Aerobics Flip Gone Wrong

And to think it it was all going so well.

Official Beer Drinking Shirt
Now that the weather is warming up, it's time to bust out the outdoor drinking attire. Here's the perfect solution to show your support to the cause of drinking. Also doubles as a vom rag.

Eva Longoria Wants a Lesbian Threesome
With the likes of Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, and Eva Mendes. In other news, Eva Longoria is really a man. In other other news, I spontaneously combusted in my shorts.

Girl Next Door - Nadia
Nadia is exactly what would be the lovechild of Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez. (Because Eva is a man, yes, it is biologically possible.)

Peeing On Ice Prank Video
Ohhh man, this is classic. Whoever thought to come up with this clever trick is a genius in my book.

Andrei Kirilenko is One Lucky Man
The Utah Jazz forward's wife has told him that he is allowed to be with another woman once a year. If I lived in Utah where polygamy runs rampant, I'd expect nothing less.

Daily Game - Bug Hunter
Use your handy dandy laser machine gun to blast away mutant insects. Reminds of me of that one time I had crabs.

Amazing Basketball Shots Video
Sweet collection of trick basketball shots.

Billionaires in 2006
Forbes has released its annual list of the mondorich humans, featuring a record 793 billionaires in the world. Chumpchange.

Mar 9 2006

posted by: Smit
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I will be heading to the Shamrock Fest this Saturday up in D.C. to celebrate my Irish heritage with all my college buddies by drinking my face off and running around in nothing but a kilt. Hit me up if you'll be there.

Daily Game - Air Hockey
Now you can play the game you've always wanted to play as a kid but you never had any quarters. Or friends.

Presidential Bloopers Video

Hilarious compilation of the past and present most powerful leaders of the free world making fools out of themselves.

Britney Spears is Losing Her Hair
Apparently she's been so stressed out with her upcoming return to pop music that she's been losing clumps of hair.

Girl Next Door - Kerri
I've actually met this girl before and she totally wanted me. The end.

Miss Universe Loses Her Dress
I would be so humiliated if I lost my dress moreso than the fact I was wearing a dress in the first place.

Worst Product Name EVER!
Yeah, this has got to be the sickest way to lose weight. Literally ridiculous.

Facebook: The Movie
This is the stupidest video ever but it features the web's best online social network so I had to link it. (MySpace sucks.)

Paris Gets Banned From Oscar Afterparty
Shock! A talentless amateur porn star is not welcome at the Vanity Fair party.

Man Freezes Himself to Dodge Census
I hope when I die that I have girls in sexy nurse outfits licking me back to life.

Daily SNL - Natalie Portman Rap Video
Funny ass clip from this weekend's SNL straight from the NBC site... they are making the clips available on their site so check it out.

Mar 8 2006

posted by: Smit
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I'm going to be messing with the format of the site this week, feel free to give me any feedback.

Lots of Babes, Little Bikinis
And a Joe Schmoe caught on the background checking them out.

Pinata Accidents Compilation Video
Give a kid a blindfold and a baseball bat and spin him around and he's sure to be successful.

Family Guy - Brian Punches Stewie
I don't blame him for knocking the punk out cold.

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Holding Her Boobs
Finally a magazine dedicated to the erotic pose of women holding their own boobs.

X-Men 3 Trailer
If you're anything like me, these trailers to superhero movies blow you away, but you never actually go watch them.

Girl Next Door - Deanna
Like strawberry wine, sevvvventeeen... why the fuck do I know that song?

Pamela Anderson Uses Double Sided Tape
To attach her nips to her dress. Bust-ed!

Don't Look At This Guy's Girlfriend
Or risk getting the shit kicked out of you, caught on tape.

Why It's Important To Have Sex Before Marriage
While you may be committing mortal sin and will spend eternity in hell, at least this won't happen to you.

Gigantic Nipples
I caught this clip last night on that Bravo Viral Video show and was immediately aroused.

Vanna White Thinks She's A Pussycat Doll
At age 49, Vanna is hotter than ever... this time wearing nothing but lingerie.

Mar 7 2006

posted by: Smit
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I'm just about almost fully recovered from shoving martinis down my throat in the limosuine this weekend. My hangovers are brutal.

Cheerleader Breaks Neck, Keeps Cheering
That's some team spirit right there for ya. Too bad even cheerleaders on stretchers have no effect on the outcome of games.

Tribute to Natalie Portman
Sexy compilation video of Natalie throughout the years of her movies and risque television interviews.

Kirby Puckett Dead at 45
MLB Hall-of-Famer suffered a stroke Sunday and died yesterday. Here's an old article of all of his run-ins with the law, including frequent urination in mall parking lots.

Daily Game - Sonic the Hedgehog
Sega's blockbuster arcade classic available at your fingertips.

Hawaiian Tropic Babe - Marsha
Do you realize what you've done! Wait!....You'll have to excuse my friend here he's a little slow...The town, is back that way...

Oscars After Party Pics
Come see your favorite celebrities drunk and coked up after Hollywood's biggest annual awards show.

Drunk College Kids
Gotta love these hot coeds getting sloshed for the camera.

Jennifer Garner Nearly Busts Her Ass
Was I the only one who wished that she really did? Like totally smashed her nose up into her brain? For Ben Affleck's sake?

Mixed Fraternal Twins
The odds of having a black kid and a white kid at the same time are a million to one. Why have I never heard of this? Where is my black twin?

Joe Rogan Flame War!
Hahahahahahahaha, wow, Mr. Fear Factor himself has stooped to the low level of lame middle schoolish email fights. HILARIOUS.

Celebrities' Weird Hair Styles
Easily influenced high school girls should take note of their favorite celebs' hairdo's just in time for the prom!

Mar 6 2006

posted by: Smit
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Real Life Simpsons Intro Video
Amazing real life reenaction of the opening scene of America's favorite cartoon family's show.

I've Got No Game Tee!
Walk around proud and take your chances that girls will flock to you and your honest sense of humor. Or they might not.

Daily Game - Deal or No Deal
Play the game that is sweeping the nation by storm! I say play it safe and take the deal every time because playing online is even more stressful than if it was real money.

Aniston to Appear Nude in New Movie
Rachel fans rejoice, she'll finally bare all in her new movie 'The Break Up.' In other news, Angelina Jolie is still a whore.

Daily Babe - Miss March - Michelle!
Brand spanking new gallery of the Bullz-Eye babe.

Don't Fuck With A.C. Slater
Or prepare yourself to get one hell of an ass whooping.

Angelina Jolie's Tattoos
She has a bajillion of them which is appropriate because girls with tattoos are also easy sluts.

Lindsay Lohan Drinks and Does Drugs
I don't blame her for doing what every other celebrity does, engaging in heavy drug and alcohol use to overcome her overwhelming asthma condition.

Midget in a Locker
Hmmm..... yeahhh.... not sure what to think about this one.

Top 10 Accidental Discoveries
Wired Magazine lists the best inventions to have ever been accidently thought up.

Mar 3 2006

posted by: Smit
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Today's Links:

That is one helluva loogie that she spits in her face. As much as I love seeing wet girl fights, this isn't quite what I was expecting.

Easterns Motors Commercial
Hilariously cheesy video from Virginia starring several NFL stars and NBA star Carmello Anthony. No other explanation needed.

Maria Sharapova is Beautiful
Roger Federer doesn't know what to do in this nicely done mashup to James Blunt's infectious sappy lyrics.

Boobies Make Me Smile Tee!
Wear this one to class and see what your professor does. If he's a dude and he smiles, he's a perv. If she's a chick and she smiles, you are in, my friend.

Webcam Girl Video of the Day - Boobies!
Compilation of girls chests bouncing in front of the camera. No nudity so it's DEFINITELY SAFE FOR WORK.

Girl Next Door - Sydney
The kind of girl you would see at some dive bar and you tell all your friends that you're going to talk to her by the end of the night but you never do when you remember you're a pole smoker.

Hollywood's Top 10 Hottest Moms
Also known as ten hot celebrities I would never "get with" because I don't want the burden of taking care of some other man's lovechild.

PainStation - The Ultimate Arcade Game
You'd better beat your opponent or a sledgehammer will destroy your hand. I'm not too worried about it... (because I don't lose.)

Daily Game - Ice Racer
At first this game sucks ass but after playing it forty-eight times then I realize it's pretty addicting and very challenging. Try to play without cursing under your breath.

Mar 2 2006

posted by: Smit
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Today's Links:

Daily Game - Kill Bill
Can you live up to Uma Thurman's fame in Kill Bill? Or will you end up getting slaughtered before you get sweet revenge? If you like babes, swords, and gore, clickitty click.

Daily Babe - Vicky!
More than enough of the blonde bombshell to go around folks, if you know what I mean and I think ya do.

Soccer Bloopers Video
Hilarious video of soccer players effing up and busting their asses on the field. Hey, at least they're not football players! HAHAH ZINNNNGALING BURN.

Katie Holmes Sex Scene Found!
Alriiiight, after a brief scare of possibly editing out the steamy scene in her new movie, the producer explains it was just a projection error. The entire movie is opening in two weeks.

Pheratones - Ring in the Sexual Attraction
Every girl dreams about this happening at their wedding... I know I do. What?

Why Athletes Could Never Have Real Jobs
Some classic quotes from professional athletes that just wouldn't fly in the cut throat competition of the corporate world.

Girl Gets Choked on Radio Station
What the fuck is this? Why would any girl volunteer to be strangled? I mean I'm all for grabbing strangers by the throat but to volunteer to be the one choked is beyond me.

Lindsay Lohan Nip Slip
Fresh from Tuesday night's GM Fashion Show, Miss Lohan forgot to use her double sided tape to attach her bare chest to her black toga. WOOHOO.

Inside the Google Office!
Does YOUR office allow you to bring dogs to work? Offer free junk food? Have a pool table and a ball pit? Oh, well, so does Google.

Little Kid Screams His ABC's
In case you might have forgotten your alphabet, this lil guy will definitely help you remember them.

Mar 1 2006

posted by: Smit
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Holy Moly it's March already! The official month of the greatest holiday ever... March 20th! Whoa close that Google window, I went ahead and searched it for you. Find out what day it is by clicking here! (Only if you're male and not my relative.)

Adriana Lima Compilation Video
Every possible clip of Adriana that you would want to see thrown together with some saucy Euro trance music to set the mood.

Pizza Man Gets Nice Surprise
Why didn't girls ever drop their towels as a "prank" when I worked at Chuck. E. Cheese and I had to wear a plastic bag on my head so I wouldn't get lice from the mouse suit?

Lottery Winners' Luck Turns Sour
Some say that winning tens of millions of dollars at one time is the worst thing that happened to them. I'd say the same thing if I was fucking retarded, too.

Hot Blonde With A 6 Pack
Girls with nice stomachs like this really drive me wild. That's what I'm talking about, rooooar.

Why Windows Vista WON'T Suck
In-depth read of all the noncrappy features of the much anticipated new version of Windows.

Girl Next Door - Amy!
Reminds me a little bit of Kim Bauer at first glance... SHE'S BACK NEXT MONDAY FOR TWO HOURS. (I'm talking about '24' if you didn't know already dickweed.)

Britney Spears Pregnant... AGAIN?!
OOOOh man, big news, our favorite pop princess has done it again... spawning another Federline hellion to double as a sporty airbag.

Fishing Bloopers Video
Hilarious outtakes of a fishing show. Who knew fishing could be so darn funny? Me, I did, that's why I found this and posted it.

Compilation - Scaring Sleeping People
This has got to be the cruelest video I've seen in awhile. Do not mess with a man during his slumber. Women,however, are fair game.

Jessica Alba Will Not Be In Playboy
Nope, un uh, ain't gonna happen. Men everywhere are thinking the same exact thing: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww... Damn.

Conan Dress Up!
I've always wanted to put tight leather pants on a tall pale Irish man. God bless the Internet.

Famous People Who Were Once Homeless
How's this for a slap in the face to all of you who live in a building and are still not famous?

Barry Bonds Dresses Up As Paula Abdul
Major League Baseball's biggest asshole plays the part of the American Idol judge to raise money for charity.

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