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Jan 26 2006

posted by: Smit
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I've gotten quite a few responses in my search for a coder to build me a CMS, so I thank you all for getting in touch with me. Hopefully we'll have something good going within the next month!

Daily SNL - Scarlett Johansson's Sweet 16
I found a couple clips of SNL when Scarlett hosted it a week and a half ago. Here's a goody for ya.

Here's a list of all the hawt galleries on GMask since he first started using his nifty link script. Whereas on my site, I post them, a week later they're gone forever!

The Daily Show - Bush in Kansas
"There's a techinical difficulty, Bush blew a fuse." OH MY GOD JON STEWART IS SO FUNNY. No, really.

Celebrity Mansions
A ton of different celebrity home photographs. Perhaps a tad outdated with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston still living together and Helen Hunt being considered a celebrity.

Doesn't Get Much Hotter
Just had to put this up. Seriously, it doesn't get much hotter than this. Despite her nasty ass tattoos.

American Idol - Classic William Hung Footage
With the new season just starting, nobody can ever forget the man who introduced me to the word "snaggletooth."

Daily Game - Bow Hunter!
Kill innocent bambi's with your badass bow and arrow. Leave them out to rot, and don't ever eat them!

Kanye is Bagging Pam Anderson
I'd say she's a perfect fit for the self proclaimed pornography addict.

Missing Katie Holmes Sex Scene
Apparently wacko Tom had a steamy scene deleted in Katie's upcoming movie. Thankfully we'll always have...

Found Katie Holmes Sex Scene
The scene from her blockbuster "The Gift." She's topless and it's NSFW, and she actually gets brutally murdered, but hey, it's only great acting, RIGHT!?!

Daily Babe - Joanna
44 pics of this hottie ready to take you home and bed you.

Slang of the Day
Today's Word: Slut Bomb
Example: "Ah damn son you went out with Janine last night??."

Jan 25 2006
posted by: Smit
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Still looking for any good PHP/MySQL coders who want to make me some kind of link management script. Email me.

Nerd Bar
What do a bunch of nerds do with their books? Build them into a bar of course! And pretend to drink to be accepted by the rest of society!

Ahnald Smokes Pot, Wear His Shirt
Get the shirt that Arnold Schwartzana anageaa gar wore in this classic film when he's sparking a doobie.

This Girl Loves To...
Oh man that thumbnail is just so hot, I have to know what this random girl loves to do, I don't know how else I will be able to contain myself. Click to find out!

KFED Jammin To His Own Song
While everyone can hate this guy as much as they want, even more after seeing this video, but he is one of the smartest and luckiest men in the world.

The OC - Jamie King Whip Cream
Once again, the lactose intolerant will have to sit this one out.

Daily Webcam Girl - Leah the Princess
Why exactly she is a princess, I don't know, but I guess whores can call themselves whatever they want to feel wanted.

Daily Babe - Deanna

Bonus Babe - Aubrey
The more fat on a woman's chest, the better I always say.

Jan 24 2006
posted by: Smit
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I'm currently searching for any good PHP/MySQL coders who want to make me some kind of link management script. Right now I'm doing it entirely manually and it blows goats. Email me.

Wigger vs. Emo Kid Fight
What these two crowds are doing in the same place at the same time is beyond me. Watch all the way until the end.

The Office - Vending Machine Prank
Everyone's always pickin' on poor Dwight.

Daily SNL - Young Chuck Norris
SNL has picked up on the explosive Internet trend of Walker, Texas Ranger. Jack Bauer could kick his ass anyday.

Kelly Kapowski Video Collection
Finally put together all 10 of the Kelly vids that I posted the past few weeks. Now you can bookmark it and show all your caffeine abusing friends.

Lazy Monday
The West Coast's response to SNL's Lazy Sunday that has taken the nation by storm. The first one wasn't so bad either.

Bathroom Perverts
Hilarious clip of Harold and Kumar hiding in a girls' restroom get more than what they expected. I always thought girls poop flowers and fart perfume.

Daily Game - Bikini Beach Tennis
I think it's safe to say, the ugliest CGI babe is still 10 times hotter than the hottest real life babe. Who's with me?!

Daily Babe - Stacey
Girls with blackjack hands over their areolas are even more enticing.

Slang of the Day
Today's Word: Creep Up
Example: "So I had to creep up on her."

Fish School!
Teach your fish to swim through hoops, dribble soccer balls, and high step into the endzone for a touchdown. Unreal.

Jan 23 2006
posted by: Smit
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Fights Compilation Video
Aint nothing like girls beating up on guys and other girls to start off the work week.

Show Them Your O-Face Tees
Show your allegiance to Office Space and oral faces in this hilarious shirt.

Party Girls Galore
Gotta love when girls try to outslut each other when they head to parties.

Daily Game - Hang Stan
Fun variation of the ever so popular Hangman. Check out all the other games on this site too.

Paris Hilton Pees in Taxi Cabs
Professional partygirl hotel heiress sexfiend no-talent assclowns have to excrete liquid waste just like the rest of us.

Grandma Shooting Machine Guns
Don't fuck with her unless you wanna get blasted in the toodles.

The Best of Michael Jackson Video
When he's not touching children.

Daily Babe - Brandy
Hottie with the body.

Daily DIY - Pinball Coffee Table
Somebody make me one of these please.

Jan 20 2006
posted by: Smit
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And I'm up, adding normal stuff to the babe stuff I posted overnight. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Green Eggs and Sam Live at Alley Katz
I've been meaning to post this for the longest time but I keep forgetting. My best buddy Sammy's performance of his famous song "Get Your Timing Right."

Daily SNL - More Cowbell
The origin of the cult phenomenon rests with Will Ferrell on SNL. Now you understand when idiots say "You know what could make this better...?"

Mila Kunis and Kirsten Dunst Bikini Time
A hottie and a werewolf prance around in their bathing suits.

Daily Game - Puyo Puzzle
Match four or more of the same colors in a row and earn points. I love points.

Daily Babe - Flo Jalin
Don't know how to pronounce her name, but sexiness is translated the same across all languages. I am so deep.

'24' Podcast!
My first of three Jack Bauer links because I fucking love this show.

Daily DIY - Wine Out of Grape Juice
Yes, it can be done. If you don't want to go this route, check out the next link for a classic clip.

Reporter Stomps Grapes, Falls, and Cries
You can go this route if you choose. Show off for your viewers on live television by making a jackass out of yourself.

Webcam Girls - Best Friends
I would walk into a village plagued with dysentery and offer my arm as public toilet paper just to watch this video again.

Wheelchair Crowd Surfing
Believe it or not, this is not the first time I've seen this. I've witnessed it in real life, only at a Vanilla Ice concert that I reviewed here.

Bonus Babe - Lisa
Lalalalalalala LISA!

Random Jack Bauer Facts
Chuck Norris wears Jack Bauer pajamas. Jack Bauer was never addicted to heroin. Heroin was addicted to Jack Bauer.

Things That Jack Bauer Will Never Say
"Who Read My Journal? Seriously, That's Private."

Slang of the Day (Pick one, all gross.)
Today's Word: Jelly Donut. (Thanks to whoever sends these in, I appreciate it. You are saving three minutes of my life by using three minutes of your life. Thanks for saving my life.)

Jan 19 2006
posted by: Smit
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Some links before I head to bed!

Scarlett Johansson Groped at the Globes
Short n' very sweet clip of Scarlett getting fondled by an E! reporter.

Daily Babe - Mary, Miss April 2003
Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

Vida Guerra Calendar Shoot
Good gracious, @$$ is bodacious.

"I was born a man!"
I'm sorry, but I encourage and applaud this guy in beating the shit out of the "woman."

Sliced by a Weed Whacker
At least this guy's haircut was spared.

Drunk Chicks Dig Me Tees
The sober ones are the ones you gotta worry about.

Crazy Ass Can Art
Pretty flippin sweet.

Scissor Arms!
Wow, this should teach you not to pick on the fat kids who play video games all day. Those are the ones that snap and throw shit at people.

Slang of the Day (3rd one down.)
Today's Word: Big Montana
Example: "I gave Andrew Mitchell a Big Montana last night."
Jan 18 2006

posted by: Smit
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Links coming now!

Daily Babe - Rachel The Juggy!
She starred on "The Man Show" as Juggy girl and also appeared in 'Wedding Crashers.' 122 pics!

Bubb Rubb Remix!
My all-time favorite Internet clip is now available in a remix, which turns out to be pretty catchy. I burned the song on CD to blast through my car speakers while I blare my whistle tips. WOO!

Rachel Bilson as The Vixen
Hollywood's hottest hottie dresses up as a domanatrix. That's one girl I would let whip me into a pulp. THANK YOU MAY I HAVE ANOTHER.

Man Shoots Self After Breakup
I can't tell if this is 100% real but if it is, it's fucking tragic. Don't click unless you really want to see somebody biting the bullet.

Daily Kapowski - Cheerleading Again!
I believe this will be the final Kelly clip for awhile. I'll put together a page for tomorrow with all 10 clips that I've posted. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Sexy Kodak Ads
A hardhitting below-the-belt advertising campaign. Or more like some skank in granny panties bending over in public. Both work for me.

Panties Party Video
Isn't this what all girls do when they get together for a slumber party? Right?! RIGHT?!!!

Slang of the Day - (4 definitions, pick one.)
Today's Word: Wac
Example: "My hamster's wac is hairy and buldging with fat. She's getting a perm on it tomorrow."

Daily Game - Ice Frogger
Arcade classic Frogger is back, this time with a little Asian guy jumping across slabs of ice.

Dave Chappelle's Fear Factor
Hilarious sketch of a cokehead on Fear Factor.

Daily DIY - Playing Cards Wallet
What better way to piss off your friends on poker night when you walk away with their money AND their cards.

Jan 17 2006

posted by: Smit
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Golden Globes High Quality Photos
Tons of pics from last night's award show. Johnny Cash is the fucking man. Scarlett Johansson has massive mammaries.

Product of the Day - Need Head Attire
There is absolutely nothing vulgar or suggesting about this these. If you think otherwise, you are a pervert.

The Man Show - Deer Prank
Adam and Jimmy strap a deer to the hood of a car and prank customers at a local store. HILARIOUS.

Crazy Redskins Fan
This was sent to me via email labeled "JMU kid goes ballastic." God I hope that's true because it makes it 500 times better. KILL SHAWN KILL.

Daily SNL Video - Cracklin' Oak Flakes
Some more classic Will Ferrell his extacy laden breakfast cereal.

Miss August 2001, Jennifer Walcott
I posted this link a short while back and I figured it was time to give it another go around.

Victoria's Secret REMIX
Beautiful babies struttin' their stuff for the nation's children's eyes on national television. WITH A PHAT SOUNDTRACK.

Daily Kapowski - Model Students 3
This time Jessie and Lisa get in on the modeling action. Isn't it obvious which one will eventually shed their clothing and dry hump guys in "Show Girls"?

Slang of the Day
Today's Word: Magic Taxi
Example: "..Then I woke up and I was like, oh dear, magic taxi..."

Daily Game - Parking Zone
Use your logic and problem solving skills to park the correct cars in their correct spots.
Note - Women are horrible drivers.

Daily Babe - Camille
God bless the stars and the stripes.

Eva Longoria is a Freak
Lady in the street but a FREAK IN THE BED.

Jan 16 2006

posted by: Smit
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Just some quick links before Season 5 of 24.

Saturday Night Live Videos Collection
I finally put together a page of all the SNL videos I have put on my site. Working on organizing the rest of my videos this week. ENJOY!

Chicks Fighting in a Parking Lot
Girls beating the shit out of each other on asphalt is ten times hotter than girls slapping each other on cushy sod.

Kate Moss in the Mosstril
What better way to clean up your house than with Kate Moss' nose.

Bill Gates Runs Like a Girl
Apple's Steve Jobs is offering this video of Mr. Prancy Pants as a free download on iTunes.

Hot Wild Wild West Videoshoot
These hot babe video montages thrown together with the gayest music ever just make me weak at the knees.

Jesus Christ - "I Will Survive"
What the hell is this? The work of blasphemous bigots I tell ya!

Slang of the Day
Today's Word: "Obsolagnium"
Example: "At age 96, he was putting the blocks to Aunt Mabel like a jackrabbit on steroids."

Meriah - Miss December 2002
Meriah is on fire. EN FUEGO.

Daily Kapowski - Model Students
Kelly has the opportunity of a lifetime to model in Paris. Zack does what every normal boyfriend would do: freak out.

Daily SNL - Sexual Harassment
Tom Brady stars in this instructional video on how not to get slapped with a lawsuit when grabbing coworkers' breasts.

Lee Hotti - Metrosexual Overload
Are these guys firril, for real? Orange Sonic the Hedgehogs pose for all you ladies out there.

Daily Game - Whack Your Boss
Find 13 ways to "take care" of your boss! Get caught playing this at work and you get bonus points!

Jan 13 2006

posted by: Smit
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It's now Friday the 13th, and you know what that means! Time for links!

The Craziest Videos from 2005
Compilation of the past year's most insane, most outrageous, most unbelievable, even the most gruesome and funny video clips. You're welcome.

Daily Celebrity Clip - Angelina Jolie Shower
Clip of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. More like Brad Pitt, Womb Raider. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Daily SNL - Dissing Your Dog
Classic Will Ferrell yet again, this time sticking it to our canine counterparts.

Would You Still Date This Girl?
Even after what her shirt says? Well?

Daily Bullz-Eye Babe - Carrie!
Hot to trot.

Extremely Flexible Girls Video
If a girl can wrap herself around the sit-n-reach cube, then I'm kinda actually disgusted.

Drive-By Insults!
Hahahah, this is the best idea ever! Kinda like when I drove around with my ice cream horn and gave kids poopsicles for 25 cents.

Daily Kapowski - Cut Day at the Beach
Kelly is still fine as ever, this time in a somewhat normal bikini. But WTF is Slater doing at the beginning, such a homo!

Shake That Laffy Taffy
Ummmmm, Mommy, what are you doing??

Slang of the Day
Today's Word: Beer Taxi
Example: "It must have been the beer taxi."

Good Practice for a DJ
Funny commercial about how all DJ's got their starts.

Daily Game - The Slug Slayer
Awesome sand game, attack the "slug" with sand. Who knew sand could be this much fun? THIS IS THE MOST FUN I'VE HAD IN YEARS.

Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharkey
This guy is running for governor of Minnesota. He is a Satanic Dark Priest, Sanguinarian Vampyre and a Hecate Witch. He promises to make your life the best it's ever been.

Jan 12 2006

posted by: Smit
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Posting some stuff before I go to bed. Check out these two pages of links that I posted awhile ago, my archiving script is busted for now. December 05 and January 06.

Daily Babe - Natalie
Each picture she looks drastically different yet strikingly hot.

Cat with Two Tongues
I think this is every girl's dream cat. In other news, I have a nine inch tongue and can breathe through my ears.

Daily SNL - Angry Boss
Old school Will Ferrell goes apeshit on all of his employees. Sound familiar? Well, your boss is standing right behind you.

Shark Bite Caught on Tape
This is just nuts... disturbing and graphic footage. A little too much so that it looks staged, can anyone confirm whether this is real or not? Kthx.

Bonus Babe - Rachel Elizabeth
Anybody else agree that hot girls with two names automatically makes them hotter? In that case, I'm not naming my future test tube daughter.

The Difference Between Men and Women
How the genders view relationships... Sex vs. Love.

Mischa Barton is Gross and Bloody
Hmmmmm, yeah, scrawny celebrities and white pants and bloody orifices do not mix.

Well Endowed Woman Crushes Cans

Horny Appliances
The real reason why women sit on washing machines all day. Gotta love foreign commercials.

Daily Kapowski - Date Auction Cheer
While the point of posting these videos is to focus on how hot Kelly is, Slater's little jig at the end of her cheer is hilarious.

Slang of the Day
Today's Word: Weishampel Exchange
Example: "It appears that those two men are currently engaged in a Weishampel Exchange. Its best we not disturb them."

Daily Game - Tribal Jump
Took awhile to get the hang of it at first, and then once you finally get the hang of it, you won't get far at all.

Daily DIY - Jello Shots
Learn how to make jello shots the right way. It's easy to do, but somehow most idiots find them easy to fuck up.

Jan 11 2006

posted by: Smit
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Links coming now...

Girls Teaching Guys How to Pick Up Girls
Think you got game? Have no game but want to step it up? Check this out.

Girl Not Wearing Underwear on Live TV
Hmm, next time it might be a good idea to wear something underneath your miniskirt next time you go on television. (Brief nudity, nothing gross.)

Guy Expects Girl in Shower
Funny clip about a guy who thinks his girl is in the shower waiting for him. Silly idiot.

Daily Babe - Diana
These are the times I wish I was never castrated.

Hilarious Polaroid Prank
Here's a good idea for a trick to play on complete strangers. Ask somebody to take a picture of you and your girlfriend, do this, then beat the shit out the stranger. Repeat infinite.

Daily SNL - Moleculo, The Molecular Man
Conan O'Brien takes on the role of a yelling superhero that has me laughing throughout the entire clip.

Daily Celebrity Clip - Elisha Cuthbert Raw
I posted a teaser vid yesterday, here's an even hotter one of all the clips of Elisha getting it on.

Slang of the Day
Today's Word: Snowdropper
Example: "I lost my satin nightie to a snowdropper."

Daily Game - 2D Mario Sunshine
The way games should be, none of that 3D realistic bullshit the kids are playing nowadays.

Daily Kapowski - Model Students
SBTB hottie has issues with nerds at her job. I love me a dame in distress.

Daily DIY - Lava Lamp
Now you can finally make your own lava lamp! Now that they are 20 bucks in stores, you can spends hours upon hours making something that went out of style 30 years ago.

Family Guy - Thomas Edison
Hahahaha, Thomas Edison is a prick.

Rocket Balloons
If you want your kids to be used by all the other neighborhood kids, get rocket balloons! You owe it to your loser son.

Jan 10 2006

posted by: Smit
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Maxim's Penex for Your Hardest Problems
The solution for when your boy just can't sit still. (Humorous commercial about the anti-Viagra. Might be NSFW.)

Inside the Playboy Mansion Part 3
I believe this is the finale in this series. Enjoy it while you can because it's not going anywhere.

Daily Babe - Lisa!
I wanna piece o' the Lisa. (and the rese.) (You probably don't get it, just click!)

The Grossest Tattoo Ever
You can probably figure out what it is based on the the thumbnail image I cropped for you, but really, WHAT THE EF.

Ain't The Baby's Daddy
What do you do when you find out you weren't the one who fathered the slut's child? Get up and dance and get the crowd involved in your celebration!

Daily Kapowski 4
Kelly in yet another bathing suit... why didn't the girls at my high school prance around like this??

Daily Celebrity Clip - Elisha Cuthbert
Since I am obsessed with Season 1 of '24' that I got for Christmas, I had to post this hot vid of Elisha.

Daily SNL - iPod Invisia
Steve Jobs talks about the new versions of the iPod and each time he mentions one, the previous one becomes obsolete.

Slang of the Day
Today's Word: Shag Tat
Example: "Shut up and get yourself a good shag tat, bitch."

Kitten Cyclops
Aww everybody come look at the kitten. Awwwww. BUY ME ONE.

Appalachian State is Hot! Hot! Hot!
This ridiculous promotional video for ASU seems to keep going and going and going... apparently their fall enrollment has quadrupled. Coincidence?

Daily Game - Paparazzi
Test your skills at snapping photos of celebrities all the while avoiding shit thrown at you! My dream job!

Webcam Girl of the Day - Busty Poolside
Girls in bathing suits prancing around and teasing men is one of the cruelest forms of torture.

Jan 9 2006

posted by: Smit
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Monday morning and it's time to go to work!

Daily SNL - Punk'd
Justin Timberlake does an awesome job portraying the Kootch in this Punk'd parody. I'm awesome!

The Keg Line Polo Shirt!
A must for all college kids sick of those lame-o ponies and alligators and eagles and tigers...Show your allegiance to beer!

Daily Kapowski - Jessie's Song!
All the SBTB hotties in their extremely talented music video! Put your mind to it, GO FOR IT!

Inside the Playboy Mansion Part 2
Learn how sweet it is to be Hef, and follow in his footsteps to start your own brothel!

Daily Bullz-Eye Girl - Natalie

The Worst Hunter Ever Video
This is one lucky deer... dumb as fuck, but lucky.

World's Biggest Woman
or is it World's Regular Sized Asian? Also, is this the intro to a very erotic adult film?

Daily Celeb Vid - Jessica Alba Bikini Boat
Short snippet from MTV of Jessica on a boat.

Blast from the Past - Christina
An updated shoot of Miss April 1991. I was wondering where she was!!

Slang of the Day
Today's Word: Red Sock
Example: "Can I fry your red sock please Donna?"

Daily Game - Tunnel Racer
Reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog and his dumbass sidekick running down the pipeline to collect golden rings.

Come Here Puppy
Cute commercial for Umbro. Poor puppy gets whacked!

2006 Drunk Calendar
Click here and print this calendar out to hang in your office at your daycare.

Daily DIY - Have Fun On Super Bowl Sunday
This is a step-by-step guide for girls on how to survive the most masculine day of the year.

Jan 6 2006

posted by: Smit
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Quick Saturday update. Marcus Vick got kicked off the Virginia Tech squad for being a little bitch. It comes as no surprise and I'm glad to see the little bitch go. Here's a few links to pass the time.

Good Poker Players Know When to Fold
Oh, women and the power they have over fat guys.

Daily Bullz-Eye Girl: Loredana
I have no idea how to pronounce her name, but those eyes are creepily sexy.

Top Sports Bloopers of 2005
While a lot of these I wouldn't consider as "bloopers", it's still fun to take a trip down memory lane all the way to a week ago.

Check out this FREE video and other 100% FREE Celebrity tapes. You know you want to, what do you have to lose? NOTHING BECAUSE IT'S FREE.

Jan 6 2006


posted by: Smit
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In the middle of transferring servers so things have been a little screwy... Any email that was sent to me within the past 12 hours or so is lost forever, roaming aimlessly throughout the Internet looking for its destination that it will never reach. Links now!

Lindsay Lohan Before She Did Drugs
Rare footage of the good ol' wholesome Lindsay before she injected crack into her veins and threw it up all over my mouth.

What Kind of College Student Are You?
Take the test and find out. Apparently, I am Asian and go to Dartmouth! DEAD ON!

Bikini Soccer
I can't wait til summer when hot girls are out in their bikinis on the beach playing soccer, and I can be the creepy guy videotaping them behind a palm tree. (NSFW ADS)

Daily Bullz-Eye Girl: Jessica
I need a lil Jessica in my life... MAMBO NUMBO FIVE.

Daily Kapowski - Miss Bayside Pageant
Why don't girls wear bathing suits like this anymore??? I mean string bikinis and thongs are cool and all, but this is HOT.

Daily SNL: How to Get Into Paris Hilton
Jimmy Fallon asks the hardhitting questions on how exactly to gain access into the Paris Hilton.

Click to find out!!

Bonus Babe - Nikki
You are a homo if you would not let this chick beat the shit out of you.

MySpace - Trevor the Belly
Maybe I'll post daily things of my real life friends to keep the site grounded to its roots. Here's Ryn Gray's MySpace dedicated to his enormous belly. BE HIS FRIEND.

Slang of the Day
Today's Word: Dirty Deter
Example: ""Two bald spots replaced your mom's hair thanks to the Dirty Deter."
(This is awful.)

The Tush Parade!
Lots of Hi-Rez pictures of girls and their bottoms.

Daily Game: Dodge Bullets
Test your reflexes in this game, and then go out and try it in real life.

Check out this FREE video and other 100% FREE Celebrity tapes. You know you want to, what do you have to lose? NOTHING BECAUSE IT'S FREE.

Jan 5 2006

posted by: Smit
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Wow what an awesome finish for Vince Young and the Longhorns. VY is now my favorite player of all time and if he goes to the NFL then the team he plays for will be my new favorite. If USC had won, then I would say the same about Lendale White, but that didn't happen because they suck so badly, right?! LINKS COMING!

Bill O'Reilly on Letterman
"I'm not smart enough to debate you point to point on this, but I have the feeling that about 60 percent of what you say is crap."

The Hottest Grandma Ever
If you want to argue that yours is hotter, then well buddy, go right ahead.

Daily Bullz-Eye Girl: Kathie
Beautiful babies are where it's at.

Don't Kiss Your Opponent
Hmmm... probably not the best idea to kiss an angry 300 pound boxer.

Sock Guitar
When I say I'm going to go out in only a tube sock, I usually mean on my left foot. This guy has a different idea. NSFW?

Daily SNL Clip: The Wonders of Caulk
Saturday Night Live clips rule the intraweb, and this one is no exception. "Stuff your caulk into the crack."

Lindsay Lohan is a Drug-Addict Bulimic
She finally confessed to Vanity Fair that she may or may not scarf down bags of cocaine and immediately throw them back up in public restrooms.

Daily Kelly Kapowski Video
I came across a bunch of Saved by the Bell's hottie clips so I'll post them until I run out of them... and then post repeats that you'll watch forever.

Webcam Girl Video of the Day: Lesa
I think this is the hottest of the webcam vids that I have posted... And girls that spell their names differently make them even hotter.

Guide to Getting Lucky on New Year's Eve
Welp if you didn't catch this before the holiday, you've got all year to master the plan before the next NYE. Or prom.

Daily DIY: Pork Cracklins
First step, live in a backwoods shack.

Slang of the Day
Today's Word: Pork Sword
Example: "The pork sword was unleash and was hammed against pokemons face."

Daily Game: Bloody Penguin Bash
The best Yeti and penguin and spiked club and landmine game I have yet to come across.

Daily Celebrity Clip: Eva Longoria Shaving
Snippet from Desperate Housewives of Eva shaving her legs.

Totally Busted - Party Fools
Watch these guys make fools of themselves thinking they will be on television. Humans are stupid.

Jan 4 2006

posted by: Smit
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Lots of crazy college football action going on hopefully with the culmination of Vince Young kicking the whoop out of Reggie Bush tonight! Links coming now!

Maria Sharapova's Greatest Hits Volume 1
A nice compilation of tennis' hottest girl put to a Blondie soundtrack which eerily sounds as if it were written for her.

Girls Dancing on Spring Break
There's something about Spring Break that turns girls into freaks. Maybe it's the sun or the alcohol, but probably the crack. Gotta be the crack.

Leno's Phony Photo Booth

Virginia Tech's Marcus Vick Stomps on Leg
What's funny is that they were interviewing his brother Michael in the stands about how he has matured right when this happened. Hokie Pride!

Salute Your Shorts Bloopers
A childhood favorite show of mine has its own blooper reel. Sadly, it's about as unfunny as the actual show.

West Virginia Miners' Newspaper Fuckups
Here's a collage of a bunch of papers that rushed to the presses to print that the miners had survived, when in fact, they tragically did not.

Creative Activists
Here's some imaginative protestors. I think it would be funny if the people wrapped up as "human meat" actually were eaten by other humans. Ironic cannabalism is funny.

Osama bin Laden's Niece in GQ VIDEO
Watch the niece of the world's most hated man strip down the buff which is sure to piss off turists everywhere.

Daily Bullz-Eye Girl: Stacy

Slang of the Day
Today's Word: Party Socks
Example: "We were totally going at it but I had to stop him because I couldn't stop laughing at his party socks."

Daily DIY: Cannabis Chow
Over 100 recipes to make food out of marijuana. Note: I do not smoke or endorse such illegal activities. And I will probably report anyone who clicks on this link. Or will I?!

Josie Maran Photoshoot Video

Woman Marries Dolphin
Yeah, okay, what in the fucking fuck fuck?

Jan 3 2006

Tuesday !
posted by: Smit
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Hottest Aerobics Class EVAR
Nothing like hot babes in tight spandex perculating across a mirrored room.

Top 100 Annoying Things of 2005
Retrocrush's annual list of things that the previous year would have been better without.

Nextel Dance Commercial
Yesssss! This is my current favorite commercial on television today. Oooh, baby baby.

Top UFC Knockouts of 2005
Now here is a recap for real men, the top KO's of the Ultimate Fighting Championship put to the soundtrack of Slayer.

Saved by the Bell : I'm So Excited
The most famous quote from the best show in the history of television. (Because every high school student went through a period of experimenting with caffeine.)

Webcam Girl Video of the Day: Aylar
Got this email shortly after I posted this: "Shes from Norway. Shes the one that starred in 3 or 4 pornos in the U.S then returned to Norway and claimed it was her sister. Ha ha."

Daily DIY: Electric Smoker Trash Can
I've always wondered how to grill steaks in a tin garbage can, and now I can finally fulfil my dreams.

Daily Bullz-Eye Girl: Loredana
Oh haaaaay.

Daily Celeb Clip: Jessica Alba
Hot vid of Jessica Alba diving into the water in the 2005 movie "Into the Blue."

Celebrities' New Year's Bikinis
Lindsay Lohan (left) and other A-list stars take to the beaches on the new year to show off their pasty and flabby bodies.

Daily Game : Snowboarding
Shred the slopes on your sweet snowboard, passing in between trees and over jumps to make it to the bottom without dying.

Slang of the Day
Today's Word: Parex
Example: "Tommy was still disturbed from a severe case of parex after finding condoms in his parents' room."

Conan's Masturdate
Late Night King Conan tackles dating shows.

Jan 2 2006

posted by: Smit
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NYE in DC was a blast, couldn't have asked for a better time. Hope everyone had an awesome time and have not already failed at keeping their resolutions. I still do not have any kind of updating script running, so I manually made a page of last week's links here. Lots of big things coming your way in the 06!

Conan's Year in Review 2005
Conan and friends look back on the past year. As always hilarious and ridiculously pale.

CNN's Top Internet Videos of 2005
There's really no surprises here... older classics along with the SNL latecomer 'Chronics of Narnia' make last year a great year for web funny.

Carolina Pampita Ardohain Compilation
Your cubicle buddies will assume you're a giant homo when they hear you listening to this song, but once they see the video, DAMN HOW HOT IS THIS GIRL.

Daily Bullz-Eye Babe - Jessica
Starting the new year off right.

Daily DIY - Origami Crane
Only 26 steps later and you'll have a beautiful paper bird!

Game of the Day - Streaker Game Deuce
Yet another game to test your skills of guiding naked people across a soccer field.

Slang of the Day
Today's Word: Lot Lizard
Example: "Let's goto the carnival and pick up some carnies."

Daily Celeb Video - Scarlett Johansson
Steamy love/fingerbang scene from the little known 'Love Song for Bobby Long'... probably NSFW.

Celebrity Death of the Day - Old School's Blue
Patrick Cranshaw died yesterday at age 86. Props to CNN for using the image that captures his moment of death in the movie. Will Ferrell better show up and sing at his funeral.

Dec 30 2005

For the Fellas Friday !
posted by: Smit
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Welp this is the last post of 2005 and it's gonna be a quickie. The past few weeks have been hectic after moving cross country the second time in five months, but big things are coming your way for the new year! Once again, I'm headed to D.C. this weekend for the Big Night D.C. drunken slopfest! Have a good one! I'm posting mainly babe links today for the Final For the Fellas Friday of 2005!

Inside the Playboy Mansion
Check out what it's like to be the world's biggest pimp.

Daily Bullz-Eye Babe - Jana
Save a cow, ride a girl wearing a cowboy hat.

Pamela Anderson and Yasmine Bleeth
Hot photoshoot of your favorite Babewatch babes!

Ali G Questions the Beckhams
At first I thought this guy was just fucking annoying, but after seeing him interview NBA and porn stars and then this, he might be one of the funniest men alive.

Webcam Girl Video of the Day: Kate again!
Compilation of one of the hottest girls on the net! Also included, of course, is another awesome rap song!

Bonus Model Babe- Sanja
She's got that exotic down under look down pat.

Mallory Snyder Photoshoot
Another babe video for ya!

Daily DIY: Church Signs
Classic website where you can make your own church signs... comes in handy more than you'll EVER know.

Dec 29 2005

Thursday !
posted by: Smit
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New Year's Eve is creeping up on us. I will be spending the weekend in D.C. at the Wyndham hotel for Big Night D.C. If you're there, say hi, if not, have a fun and safe one! Updating now...

Daily Bullz-Eye Babe - Marisa
Start the New Year's holiday off with a bang!

Paris Hilton as a Brunette
Everyone's favorite hotel heiress socialite pornstar dyes her hair a darker shade and instantly it becomes newsworthy. Now that's hot.

Unwrap some DD's for Christmas
Hot FHM shoot of girls wearing only ribbons.

eBay Mirror Surprise
I swear there's a site out there that has lots of pictures of user's stuff for sale, and the user's stuff discretely reflecting off shiny objects.

Webcam Girl Video of the Day: Nyli Tanning
Return of the webcam girl! This time our favorite Nyli is not dancing to crappy music, she's laying in a tanning bed to crappy music. And what sweet, sweet crappy music it is.

Daily Game: Christmas Mini-Golf
Mini-Golf has been on the Internet since Al Gore invented it, but here's another challenging version. The only thing Christmasy about it is the intro music and the yellow snow ball.

College Girls Making Out
Yet another hot girl video, today has turned into a girl vid fest... I guess nobody can complain about that! Unless you're a girl, gay, or one of these girls fathers.

Top Gear: Spyker C8
This is a car made for the typical badass, and I'm not sure what Top Gear is but this clip is pretty awesome AND funny.

Daily DIY: Sod Couch
Now this is fucking cool. I am getting more and more excited about these DIY links, I think I post them for my sake so I can be called the DIY GUY.

Slang of the Day
Today's word: TankJob
Synonyms: Upper Decker

Nikki Nova Bikini Video
Yet ANOTHER babe video for today, this time Nikki Nova dancing around in a bikini.
Dec 15 2005

posted by: Smit
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The Daily Show: Gay Watch
Jon Stewart and TDS discuss issues of Elton John's marriage to another man and the controversy of Ford taking advertising out of Gaywad McGee's Scrotum Lover's Quarterly.

Rachel McAdams Uncut
Hmm, yeeeeeah. Click to see what I'm hmmm, yeaaaaahing about and you'll probably do the same. NSFW.

The Tourette's Cowboy: Beerfart City
"Ass Crackers!" "Your beard is silly." "Shut your anal leakage!" "Finger bang!" Hahahaha! Instant classic quotes in this hilarious animation.

Game: Streaking the Soccer Field
Now you can pretend you've actually got the balls to run naked around humans in daylight. NSFW but nothing gross.

DIY: Ice Shot Glasses
Simply enough, learn how to make frozen shot glasses to keep your roofie cocktails chilled.

Girls in Lingerie
Just for the hell of it!

Ali G Interviews Pornstars
Hilarious AND sexy combined into one. Not too often that happens outside of your bedroom. ZZZINNNNG BOOYAKASHA.

Slang of the Day
Today's word: Scrotex. (The conversation examples below the words are priceless. Woof!)

Just Walk It Off
THERE'S NO CRYING IN SITTING INDIAN STYLE. (Even if you have a bloody face that everyone pretends not to notice. PWND)

Frat Boy Breakfast
Just another stupid idea that he's only doing to brag to his "brothers" and the aforementioned roofied girls.

Some really nice, artistic shots of what else? Babes and lots of em.

Webcam Girl Video of the Day: Ashley
More hot girls dancing to more crappy music! Life. Is. Good.

Game: Hold Your Drink
See if you can hold up your drink long enough to not look like a fucking lushdrunk.

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