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Feb 28 2006

posted by: Smit
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Sounds like somebody has got a case of the Tuesdays...

Norway's Finest Models - RASK
Wanted to give a shout out to my Norwegian brudder from anudder mudder Kristian because he, too, is a blonde haired viking model.

Girl Next Door - Rachel
Here's the part where I make a joke about getting "leid" but you probably already clicked the link so why should I even bother.

Heidi Klum Kisses Another Woman
Oh those female celebrities feel they can make out with random chicks whenever they want. When I try that, I get kneed in the balls and maced in the face.

Double Viking Radio!
If you're too paranoid of downloading illegal mp3's and too tired of your shitty local stations, try the DV Radio on for size. Tons of solid hits and commentary all day long!

Impossible to Lick Your Elbow?
Random facts are so much cooler than those boring regular facts. For instance, "The longest one syllable word in the english language is "screeched". AWE-SOME!

Bikini Thief!
Hot bikini babe convinces an average joe to steal a bikini for her... and hilarity fricking ensues! Excuse the foreign subtitles, just watch and listen and convulse.

Gigantic monster seal is about to eat a small Asian man. Oh please let it be real, pretty pretty please.

Highlights From the Lingerie Bowl Vid
Of course "highlights" pertaining to this "sport" are slow motion zoom-ins of girls butts and nipple slips.

She May Not Be Mrs. Right...
BUT GUESS WHAT SHE'LL DO UNTIL SHE SHOWS UP?! Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow owwww.

George Costanza's Answering Machine
Hilarious clip from Seinfeld... the inspiration to my own answering machine!

American Idol - Simon's Worst Insults
Don't you just hate that snide bloody Brit and wish he went back to the other side of the pond? Well, I don't and I applaud his antics in tearing apart all the no-talent assclowns.

Jackass for Kids!
Check out these little children performing stunts that should only be done by professionals. AKA older idiots.

CRAZIANS! Folding Laundry Quickly
Those crazy Asians sure love to put us slow white folk to shame with their fast speech, trains, and shirt folding skills.

Daily Game - Cannon Ball Follies
Help Yosemite Sam shoot balls out of his boat and into different targets.

Feb 27 2006

posted by: Smit
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Today's links to kick off the work week!

Lindsay Lohan Seen With Shaun White?
U.S. Olympic gold medalist snowboarder Shaun White is rumored to have been hanging out with Lohan. There's going to be Flying Tomatoes all over the place in that motel room.

Next Door Nikki on the Couch Video
One of the web's hottest "non-nude" girls gives you a sneak peak of what she's got under her hands... looks exactly like every other 3 billion human females on the planet. SHOCK!

Autistic Basketball Star
After being the team's manager and waterboy for years, this high schooler had his chance to suit up for the final game of the season. Oh, and score 20 points in 3 minutes, too.

Star Wars- The Empire Brokeback
Another hilarious mashup with "that gay cowboy movie" with "that nerd movie." Which is perfect for all of you!

Welp this is one way of breaking the news. Also with a graphic image of female anatomy which might be appropriate? I threw up a little bit in my mouth.

Catherine Bell FHM Photoshoot Vid
That JAG uniform does not do any justice on that bangin' body. Does anybody even watch JAG?

I Smell Like Strippers Tee
Exactly the shirt your mother wants to see when she's doing your skidmarked laundry.

Man Caught Cheating
This guy should have thought twice about scaling the side of a highrise buck naked in order to avoid getting caught cheating... now we see his bucknaked ass all over the 'net!

Daily Game - Gun Run!
Quite a bit more abstract than other games I have posted, but nonetheless entertaining and worth draining your company's wages on playing.

Girl Next Door - Alexis
If you're at least somewhat hot and know that you're somewhat hot, it's mandatory that you shoot a photo looking away from the camera.

40 Year Old Virgin - Condom Dilemma
One of the 382 hilarious scenes of 40YOV. Steve Carrell can't figure out how to use a condom and the kids walk in. BUY THIS MOVIE NOW.

Manties - Panties For Men
Tired of stealing your grandma's underwear? Now you finally can get your own pairs of lacey nylon panties designed just for men!

50 Greatest Sports Moments of All Time
A nice recap of all the best moments in sports history.

GarbageScout - Google Treasure Hunting
What do you get when you combine Google Maps and dumpster diving? THIS!

Daily DIY - 500 Hands On Experiments
Remember the Daily DIY and how it's not really Daily anymore? Well here's 500 projects to keep you busy until the next Daily DIY.

Crazy Eye Popping Video
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I've seen the pictures of this freakish talent but never actual video. Until now.

Da Vinci Code Movie Trailer
In case you cannot wait to get bombarded with previews and commercials for the summer blockbuster, here's a trailer for you now.

Feb 24 2006

posted by: Smit
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Going to be adding a lot more stuff in the coming weeks, so be sure to look out for it... as if you had any choice. HAHAHAHAHA.

The Daily Show - "Portscenter"
Recent clip regarding the White House's sketchyass dealings with the UAE handling America's ports.

Governor Confused By The Daily Show
TDS strikes again. Often-puzzled Illinois governor falls victim to Jason Jones' hilarious questions in an interview two weeks ago.

PETA Hates Eva Longoria
Because she loves fur and skinning animals. Lighten up radical vegans, humans are meant to eat meat for food, wear hides for warmth, and harpoon kittens for fun.

Spring Break 2006 - Axe Boot Camp
In order to ready college guys for Spring Break this year, Axe has put together a conditioning camp to ensure their success in drunken debauchery.

Phone Sex is Off The Hook!
Just ask any guy who pretends to be a girl and he'll tell you the same thing.

Old Lady Flashes Live TV Reporter
Gotta love live broadcasts interrupted by nudity. Look closely and you can see her aerolas. Yeah, right there if you pause it just right... You guys make me sick.

Daily Game - Zombie Survival
You are equipped with a machine gun and grenades to kill the never ending zombies and make them even more

Girl Next Door - Jurgita
Whoohoo a hot chick labeled as a GND is even hotter because she's that much closer to being attainable in all of your wildest fantasies.

Avril Got Hot
Everyone's favorite Canadian punk rocker poser chick has now got platinum locks and a new place in my heart.

Luxury Blimp Hotel
The cruise ship of the sky is expected to be completed by 2010. I have already booked tickets for its maiden voyage and I can't wait to burn to death in a giant hydrogen fireball.

Guy Sees Boobs For The First Time
In a word: fucking priceless.

Most Dangerous Destinations of 2006
Before you consult your local travel agent on booking a Middle Eastern vacay, better check out this list to cross off the following countries: all of them.

American Idol Twins in Maxim
Apparently the O'Donohue twins kicked off Maxim's Fallacy Baseball back in 2004 before they starred on 'Fear Factor' and ultimately arriving on this season's 'Idol'.

Girls Gone Wild Does South Beach!
GGW Online has just added South Beach Miami to it's HOT site. Available 24/7 online and much cheaper and better than the DVD's! Don't miss out on this special offer!

Feb 23 2006

posted by: Smit
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I'm here in Chapel Hill, Tarheel country baby! Go Eric Montross! Go Jerry Stackhouse! Go JJ Redick!

USA Paper Rock Scissors League Models
Promotional video for the USA PRS league. Wow, this has gotta be the greatest thing to happen to childhood playground games short of "Doctor" with the student teacher.

Daily Game - Gold Digger!
Use your claw to grab valuables out of the ground. I made it to level 8 before I grabbed some TNT and destroyed all the diamonds. Fucking idiot!

New Bond Girl is Revealed!
After months of speculation, the actress to play the role of the new Bond Girl is unknown French actress Eva Green. Here's a ginormous photo so you can get up close and personal.

Vulgar Bronze Statue
At first I didn't think this was real but after the second picture, I believe it to be authentic. Can somebody tell me where exactly this is? And the quickest route to get to it?

Daily Babe - Nikki Jackson
At first I wrote that those are implants, but she called my cell phone and demanded I put that they are real. So either she is lying or I am.

MJ23's Most Famous Moves Commercial
Kids reenact his greatest moves in this awesome clip. I got new Jordans in 4th grade, stepped in dog crap on the way there and didn't care because his shoes are fucking awesome.

Girl Gamers Show Off Their Skills
You mean hot girls have the ability to do more than just walk around in french maid outfits cooking and cleaning? Firril?

Figure Skating Bloopers Video
In light of the biggest event of the Winter Olympics, here's a collection of skaters who probably didn't win the gold unless they bought off a smelly French judge.

Britney Spears = Shamu?
Some HOT photos of Brit Brit floating around in Hawaii. Finally a pop singer for the BBW market!

The Girls of Ripe TV Video
A steamy video to decide who the hottest girl is out of all the Ripe TV girls. Now that's more like it.

Feb 22 2006

posted by: Smit
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I'm headed to UNC Chapel Hill tonight so hit me up if you are from around there and want to meet up and get punched in the face.

Hilary Duff Wants to Be A Hooker
Apparently little miss Hilary wants to shed her good girl image so that she'll land bigger roles like the movie starring a famous Hollywood prostitute. Well done, Lizzie McGuire, well done.

Sicko "Marriage Contract"
This is the most batshit insane thing I ever come across. Psycho draws up four page contract for his wife to abide by. Don't read if you don't want to be repulsed.

Andy Milonakis Featuring Paul Wall
A brand new clip from the upcoming season of the Andy Milonakis Show complete with diamond teeth and feet stuck in blenders.

Random Ass Cartoons to Show Your Kids
And by "your kids" I'm talking about the illegitimate ones that you beat with a leather strap. Keep clicking til you find the one starring the "Lust Birds" that I posted on the left.

Bacardi Girls Remix Video
Hot girls plus hard liquor equals total awesomeness.

French Guy Wants to Bang Whitney Houston
Old ass clip from the 80s of a French talkshow. The host tries to cover it up by translating the F-word as "flowers", but fails miserably.

Daily SNL - Happy Fun Ball
Classic clip about the greatest toy ever invented! (And all the warnings that come with every amazing product.)

Daily Babe - Kalucha
How the hell do you pronounce her name? Yes it's important, you'll be screaming it later. Because you probably fantasize about Internet babes being real people. Silly nerds.

Daily Game - Crab Pong!
A neat variation of the original arcade hit with undersea animals and happy music accompanying it!

Laughing Babies Video
An extremely cute video of quadruplet babies laughing their asses off to tug at your heart strings. Hey, even pedophiles make room for videos of cute kids.

Feb 20 2006

posted by: Smit
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Gotta take this time to thank that American snowboarder chick for grabbing her board resulting in busting her ass and blowing her commandable lead to end up losing the Gold. Way to make USA proud. Slut.

Maria Sharapova in Bikini Video
Sweet video from the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition featuring the Russian teen queen tennis princess. Or hairy ball whacker.

Family Guy - Stewie the Bookie
Bookies are not the kind of people you want to fuck with when it comes to paying up money. Brian learns the hard way.

Christine Vinson Photo Gallery

Online Degree, Worked For Me! Tee!
Why pay thousands of dollars to go off to a real college and experience the greatest time of your life when you can just get a degree from your mother's basement?

Jennifer Aniston Winona Ryder Kiss Video
One of the all-time classic clips of 'Friends'. This is probably Brad Pitt's favorite scene to watch in syndication as he's railing Angelina.

Hottie Beer Bong Video
Oh, it's just some college chick on her knees downing massive amounts of alcohol in five seconds, no big deal.

Daily Game - 50 States!
Test your geography knowledge by placing the U.S. states where they belong on the map. If you're anything like me, you're probably really really really good at this game.

Halle Berry Gone Wild
The sexiest thing about wholesome girls is the thrill of being there for the very rare occasions when they let loose. Like when they bang Billy Bob Thornton in Monster's Ball.

Buy Unclaimed Baggage
Did you know that U.S. airliners lost 10,000 bags A DAY in 2005? Which translates into CHEAP SHIT FOR US TO BUY ON THIS WEBSITE. Oh. Smell. Yes.

Vietnam Man Hasn't Slept in 33 Years
This guy hasn't slept in decades and appears to be in good medical health. The possibilities for a human that never tires are endless, so I'm going to try to hire him as my pillow fluffer.

Girls Gone Wild Online!
Normally I wouldn't post directly to a "porn" site, but this is just too good. Everyone's favorite Girls Gone Wild is now available 24/7 online, much better and cheaper than the DVDs!

Feb 17 2006

posted by: Smit
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It's Friday night and the mood is right, gonna have some fun, show you how it's done, TGIMOFOF.

Dick+Wedding Crashers=Hunting Crashers!
Am I the only person who immediately thought of this scene when the news first broke about Cheney shooting his friend in the face? No? Oh. Well then you've pretty much expected this.

Crissy Moran Photo Gallery
Let's kick things off with a hot babe posing in a bikini in a meadow.

If There Was a Problem, YO I'LL SOLVE IT!
The perfect gift for those number crunchers out there. The fact that somebody would be so eager to solve a problem literally cracks me up.

The Most Offensive Clips to Make it on TV
Well here's a nice 8 minute clip of all the raunchiness that aired on your favorite American mainstream networks.

Cheerleader Dunking
Now here's some quality half time entertainment for ya!

Boxer Babes Video
Gotta love hot girls beating the shit out of each other, and then licking the sweat off each other when it's all over.

Daily Game - Worm Craft
Remember Lemmings on 8 bit NES? Well here's a new version of it, but this time with worms and much more difficult.

BONUS Cheney! David Letterman Clip
Everybody loves ripping into Cheney, especially the liberal hypocritical idiots who think shooting your friend in the face would only happen to an evil Republican. Oh well, it's still funny.

2005 Darwin Awards
The results are in! Named in honor of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, the Darwin Awards commemorate those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it.

Girls Gone Wild Online!
Normally I wouldn't post directly to a "porn" site, but this is just too good. Everyone's favorite Girls Gone Wild is now available 24/7 online, much better and cheaper than the DVDs!

OWNED Compilation Video!
Yet ANOTHER awesome video compiled of tons of different clips of idiots busting their asses, faces, and asses in faces.

Feb 16 2006

posted by: Smit
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Things are running smoothly again so back to our regular scheduled programming!

Ron Burgundy Audition For ESPN?
For those of that can't get enough of Will Ferrell or Ron Burgundy or Anchorman or ESPN, here's a treat for ya!

Alison Dupri Photo Gallery!
28 steamy pics of Miss February 2006, Alison mofo'n Dupri!

George Bush Drunk Interview Video
Rare footage of our commander in chief tipsy at a friend's wedding. Our President is busy taking shots while our VP is busy giving shots... to the face of 78 year old men? ZINGALING!

The NEW Lara Croft
There's a new Tomb Raider chick in town, putting a new spin to the term "silicone graphics!" Slam Slam dadda dadda Let the boys be boys!

Flash Screamers Collection
This has got to be a few years old at the beginning of those fake Flash cartoons or games with the screaming corpse popping up but definitely worth a chuckle.

Family Guy - Dueling Farts
Peter and his fellow public restroom companion belt out competing melodies using their exit windpipe.

VH1's Tom Cruise James Frey Oprah REMIX
VH1's Best Week Ever has combined Tom Cruise's wacked out love confession with Oprah bitching out James Frey for duping America, making it the ultimate 'O' clip.

Female Drivers Photo Gallery
Look at these poor defenseless women stuck in the mud and in the sides of buildings waiting for the big bad male counterparts to come to their rescue.

Daily Game - Indiana Jones and The Holy Grail
Dodge spiders, trapdoors, canon balls, and Storm Troopers in your quest to find the Holy Grail.

Jack Bauer to Star in Classic Movies
Hilarious photoshops of the fiercest badass on the planet starring in many great films.

Car Soccer Video
This is definitely one sport that I want to try before I die regardless of whether the other cars know I am playing or not.

Feb 15 2006

posted by: Smit
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Due to uncontrollable circumstances, update is coming tonight/tomorrow. Thanks!

Feb 14 2006

posted by: Smit
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Happy Valentine's Day! Quick links before I nurse this avian flu in bed.

How You Know You Had a Bad Night
I'm sure all of you have had those experiences when you wake up with a stranger in your bed. Well more like, a lucky handful of you. Who am I kidding, you're all prudes.

Daily SNL - Will Ferrell in Bioflex
Just another classic clip of Will Ferrell yelling really loudly and making idiots laugh.

DoubleViking Interviews 'Adult' Stars
Check out these exclusive clips from behind the scenes of the AVN expo. (Definitely NSFW, which means you'll definitely probably click on it.)

Daily Babe - Tiffany
I think we're alone now, there doesn't seem to be anyone around... the beating of your blank is the only sound...

Pamela Anderson X-Rayed!
See what's really keeping CJ afloat on Baywatch.

The Daily Show - Cheney's Hunting Accident
Jon Stewart and Co. have a blast with this weekend's incident involving the VP and a shotgun. From last night's broadcast.

Feb 13 2006

posted by: Smit
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Happy Valentine's Day Eve!

A Nice Gallery of The Perfect Couples
Compare your relationship to those pictured here. Chances are, you've got nothing on them.

Girl on Trampoline Accident
This has got to be the loudest and most painful sound I have ever heard in all of today. Prepare to be grossed out.

Kicked in the Family Jewels Video
Gotta love adolescents grabbing ahold of a video camera to tape themselves kicking, stomping on and hurling pumpkins at their babymakers.

Daily T-Shirt - Russian Roulette Champion
Slap on this bad boy in front of all the losers' next of kin to further prove that you are still the man.

Daily Babe - Shay

Teacher Banned for Saying the 'N'-Word
This guy just doesn't comprehend the difference between the slang variation and the dictionary version, so he repeats them over and over in a news broadcast. Silly honky.

Sexy Latin Girl Dominatrix Video
This video needs no introduction. (She bounded, gagged, and whipped me to say that.)

Katie Holmes Gets Punk'd
Classic clip from MTV's best show ever in which we find out that Katie CruiseHolmes Psycho chick is also a bad liar.

Kurt Cobain Gets Punched by Bouncer
A giant bouncer is hired to protect the band, yet unleashes pounds after pound into our poor Kurty.

Daily SNL - Mom Jeans
I can't wait til the girls of my generation ditch their mini-skirts and gouchos for these delicious dollops of denim.

Feb 10 2006

posted by: Smit
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Here's some hot girls as a mini For The Fellas Friday. I'm off to bed but more will come tomorrow midday.

Nasty Girl on Fear Factor
AHHHHHHHHHHH this clip is going to give me nightmares. As much as I hate spiders, I hate seeing people eat spiders even more.

Scarlett Johansson & Keira Knightley Nude
This week's issue of Vanity Fair showcases Hollywood hotties Scarlett and Keira completely in the buff. Here's the video.

Unnecessary Censorship Super Bowl Edition
The funniest segment on Jimmy Kimmel's show has added a new edition this week.

Miss October 2005 - Fabiola
She's the kinda girl all your friendgirls would gripe about how small her bikini is, while all your friendguys would gripe about how she's wearing clothing.

How To See If You Can Eat A Large Burger
Remember that picture from yesterday's post about the two hot Americans feeding each other? Well here's another portion of American chicks stuffing their faces.

Girls of Hooters Compilation Video
Yet another "music video" of hot girls prancing around to some phat beats in the background.

Feb 9 2006

posted by: Smit
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Reporter Smokes a Ton of Weed
Literally. I'm NOT joking. Just one of the many perks of in-the-field journalism.

Cafeteria Cat Fight Video
Sit back, relax, and enjoy like everyone else in this crowded lunch room watching two girls beat the shit out of each other.

Jessica Alba Compilation Video PART 2
Betcha didn't know there was a second part to it, now did ya? Kinda like WWI was simply known as the World War until that pesky second one came around.

American Babes Feeding Each Other
Oh man, what more could you ask for? Chicks in their underwear stuffing food in each other's faces. USA ROCKS.

Miss January 2006 - Nikki
52 photos of one of the top 3 hottest Daily Babes that I have ever posted in the fourteen years that this website has been in operation.

Paris Hilton Slapped With Restraining Order
Whodathunk our favorite hotel heiress is also a bit loopy and obsessive? I always thought she had her act together. Oops, silly me!

Daily Game - Red Square Block Game
This game is pretty sweet but it'd be sweeter if there were some Yeti's and penguins and spikes. Try again and send some more games in!

For Anyone Who Knows a Study Abroader
I think this column pretty much sums up exactly every mass email I have ever received from my friends who spent a semester in another country.

Grey's Anatomy Girls Shower Together
Fantasy clip from the hit show that all of my friendgirls and girlfriend love, as well as a select few friendguys. This is for any of my friends who dream of showering with the girls.

Human Skin Laptop Bags
Can somebody PLEASE buy me this! Don't make me go out there and make one myself. **Twisted eerie creepy music chimes in...**

Three Decent Babes and A...
Look closer... is that a... what the... "hey hey hey WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!" ~ Richard Belding

Daily SNL - Deniro Anti-Terrorist
Classic clip of every man's man Deniro reading the names of suspected terrorists.

Feb 8 2006

posted by: Smit
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I don't know who I am kidding when I say that I'm putting up a few links before I go to bed and then do the rest in the morning, but you damn well know that I never add more in the morning. So until I get my CMS, I'm putting up all the links at night.

Jessica Alba Dark Angel Compilation Video
Did you know that Jessica Alba was dubbed as's top ideal girlfriend for 2006? This video will help any convincing that you still might need.

Dumb Blonde Busts Her Ass
I'm pretty sure girls in stilettos should not be walking around in a drained pool full of stagnant rainwater and dead rotting animals. But hey, what do I know?

Daily SNL - America's Next Top Model
Hilarious clip featuring a sexy Lindsay Lohan in her pre-coked out, bulimia, asthma attack phase.

Miss February 2006 - Crystal
How about the babe of the current month? Sounds good to me!!!!!!!

How to Break Your Neck
Make sure your friend is there to videotape the entire incident otherwise your other friends won't believe you when you roll up in your electric chair on wheels.

Britney Wants to Crush Her Son's Skull
I'm sure you've heard about this media uproar already, but here's more of the inside scoop. Britney Spears caught driving with her infant child in her lap.

Lingerie Bowl 2006 Photos
In case you were too caught up in the thrilling horrible officiating in that other Bowl game, here's a nice gallery of the babes that participated in the Lingerie Bowl.

Daily Game - Yeti Icicle Climb
I say these damn yeti/penguin flash games are the best on the web! Send me links if you wrongfully disagree.

Babes With Computer Hardware
This is every man's fantasy. Right guys, right?!!? Shut up.

Slang of the Day
Today's Word: Block Head
(This is the perfect word for my group of college friends... Let me know who you think I am thinking of....)

Daily OHSHIT! - Noisy Chick Weightlifter
Hmm yeah, I don't really know what I feel about all this. This is just another example of girls trying to do something that's best left for men.

Huge Bazookas!
Pornstars dressed in fake spandex police getups and holding shotguns are what makes this world go round.

Feb 7 2006

Tuesday !
posted by: Smit
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Some stuff before I hit the hay early.

Hot Sauce Celebrity Pictures
Tons of high quality photos of your favorite nonmale stars showing off what their mothers gave them.

The Man Show Juggie - Crystal!
Lots of photos of your favorite Juggie showing off what her plastic surgeon gave her.

'24' in 24 Seconds
A nicely compiled video of the Fox animated shows portaying the best show on television, Twennyfo.

Tony Blair Sucks
The evidence supporting the above claim is circumstantial, at best.

Daily SNL - Teddy Bear Holding a Heart
With today marking the one week mark until Valentine's Day, make sure you pick up one of these for your special lady friend.

Chicks Love Carmen Electra
Sexy Carmen Electra has admitted that she loves women and that many members of the fairer sex flirt with her and constantly try to get her into bed.

Girl Feels No Pain
When Gabby was 4 months old, she was biting her fingers until they bled. By the time she was 2, her teeth had to be removed. HOLY FUCK.

Feb 6 2006

Monday !
posted by: Smit
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Welp the Super Bowl is over and the most exciting part overall was the brown and bubbly diarrhea Diet Pepsi commercials.

Super Bowl XL's Commercials
Check out 20 of the best commercials from last night's Super Bowl. Probably the best link of all time. (Until tomorrow.)

George Dubya Bush Blooper Reel
I'm no hippie protestor because frankly I don't worry myself with bullshit politics, but this video is just hilarious.

North Korean Anti-American Propaganda
Seems like our friendly commie bastards in the far east are still bitter about losing that gold medal. FUCKIN USA!

Rebecca Romijn Kisses Conan O'Brien
What would Uncle Jesse do?! Who fucking cares! She's hot and she's cheating on him with the funniest man on television. (Andy Richter)

Daily Babe - Chanel Ryan
Girls in bikinis are better than girls not in bikinis. Uhm, well, depends on how you look at that. LMAO OMG BBQ.

Daily Game - Stickman Murder Mysteries
A collection of 5 interactive cartoon mysteries... kinda like a retard's version of follow your own adventure books, but more entertaining.

Beach Babes Stalker
I didn't post this because naked girls in the sand are too good to pass up, but because there's something else in this picture...

The Daily Show - Oprah's Book Scandal
Jon Stewart tackles Oprah's controversy with James Frey, the author who duped America.

Slang of the Day
Today's Word: Brown Noise
Example: ''Hey man, did you hear about the musician who accidentally played the brown noise?''

How File Sharing Reveals Your Identity
Think you're safe behind your desk with your pants around your ankles while downloading illegal mp3's and movies? Think again.

Duck and Cover Video
The film they played to kids in the 1950's to tell them what to do in the case of nuclear war. Hide under the desk, cover your head, and prepare for total annhiliation.

Guide to Writing a Great Suicide Note
Don’t go and take a bath with an electric blow dryer just yet you crazy bastard. You have some unfinished business to take care of, which of course is writing the perfect suicide note.

Joaquin Phoenix Wrecks His Car
Johnny Cash sings more songs about killing people than most gangster rappers nowadays, and I guess Joaquin is trying to continue living in that role by nearly offing himself.

Daily OHSHIT! - Watch Out Prank
Gotta love scaring the living crap out of people and videotaping it to show everyone in the world that they are fricking pansies. SHUT UP.

So Many Things Wrong With This
Who would take this picture? Why is she so happy? Why why why! NSFW.

20 Useless Facts With Great Pictures
What's better than useless facts? Great photoshops to accompany them. Example: "If Roman women wanted to be blonde, they bleached their hair with pigeon droppings."

Feb 3 2006

Friday !
posted by: Smit
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Links before I go to bed!

Brokeback to the Future
I love these trailer remixes... and this one might just take the cake. Marty McFly and Doc can no longer hide their true feelings from each other.

Daily Babe - Jenny Lee
Who knows what the hell she is wearing but all you are thinking is that it'll look better on your floor.

Daily Webcam Girl - Selena Spice
This Latina sensation has been named everything from a young Salma Hayek to Jennifer Lopez to Jessica Alba. Okay, fine I named her after them.

Daily OHSHIT! - Bull Attacks Crowd
This bull has got more ups than Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Kukoc and Longley combined.

Jessica Simpson Photoshoot Video
Be sure to catch her Super Bowl commercial this weekend, it's sure to be a doozy.

Lingerie Bowl!
This Sunday marks the date of the greatest American football event of the year, the Lingerie Bowl!

Jenna Does Detroit AND Jenny McCarthy
On Howard Stern this morning, Jenna said she hooked up with Jenny McCarthy while they were at a Halloween party that the pair threw in Las Vegas.

Feb 2 2006

posted by: Smit
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Happy February!

Bush Hates Brokeback Mountain
Funny clip from last week's "unscripted" press conference at Kansas State University.

GoDaddy's Banned Super Bowl Commercial
The marketing gurus behind these risque ads know exactly what they're doing with releasing these commercials that are sure to be banned, which generates tons of publicity. NICE.

I Score With Soccer Moms!
Wear one of these to the neighborhood rec league games and if you're lucky, you'll head home in a minivan.

Daily Babe - Miss April 2004, Stacy
That's what Willis was talkin' bout.

Granny Fanny!
Don't hate because you don't have a body LIKE DAT.

Daily SNL- The Ulimate Yoga Position
After three years of practicing, Will Ferrell has finally achieved his goal of the ultimate yoga position.

Hot Air Balloons Gallery
Tons of photos of some pretty freaking creative hot air balloons. Whenever I think of hot air balloons, I think of Uncle Jesse, and that's just weird.

Squirrel Catapult Video
This might very well be the greatest invention ever. Or at least up there with the other noble inventions: water, electricity, and teriyaki chicken.

Daily Game - Cubefield
Dodge oncoming cubes at increasing speeds. Good luck with this one n00bs.

Daily OHSHIT! - Torino Olympics 2006
I'm gunna make this a daily feature, the OHSHIT! Pretty self explanatory... images and videos of people caught in action right before they bust their asses.

Got Tache?
Tons of very well done photoshops of celebrities with mustaches.

Slang of the Day
Today's Word: Self-first
Example: "I know our rule is bros befo hoes, but you see that girl all up on me?"

Feb 1 2006

posted by: Smit
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Happy February!

Bush's State of the Union Address REMIX
In case you missed last night's State of the Union, here's the *ahem* edited version.

Can Men and Women Ever Be Just Friends?
If you're reading this and you say Yes but your girlfriend says No, then well, you are in big trouble. (Because she's a whore.)

Crazy Ass Wedding Pictures
This is what love and matrimony is all about.

Why Steven Seagal Should Be Your Only Hero
This guy would destroy Chuck Norris with his wicked ponytail, but he is no match for Jack Bauer.

Anchorman - I Love Scotch Tee
If you're like every other normal American, you're obsessed with Will Ferrell and Anchorman and I am Ron Burgundy? Here's the perfect accessory for the fanatic fan.

Janet Reno Singing RESPECT
Former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno does her best Aretha Frankin as she sings "Respect". THIS IS AWESOME.

Top NBA Fights Compilation Video
Five minutes of pure bliss. The nation's role models doing what they do best, modeling roles and beating the shit out of each other.

Daily Babe - Anita Dark
Miss March 2004 is like totally hot.

Snowed In Photo Gallery!
Look at all these idiots who parked their car under all that snow. Freaking idiots.

Hot Girls Clubbing Video
The things girls will do to be on camera and plastered on the Internet is one of the wonders of the world.

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