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Hey focker. Yes my friends, this is my Vanilla Ice webpage... Yes, he is still alive. I saw him Saturday October 6, 2001 in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I go to James Madison University in case you didn't already know. He is still kickin the jams. Check it out.

Prior to the show -
Okay, I had wanted to see Robert Van Winkle perform years ago. I was psyched to hear that he would be coming to my college town. Woah! So the day comes, and I realized that I was the only person out of all my friends that really wanted to go... well actually, a bunch of people said they wanted to go, but then pussied out for various Jenna pussied out Jenna, right here But its okay, I was still determined to see the Ice Man. I was talking to my friend Lex and asked her if she wanted to go, and I didn't think she wanted to simply because nobody admits to wanting to go see Vanilla frickin Ice. But she was up to it! We got to the small ass bar at about 8 oclock and paid 25 bucks to get in. What a rip, so we thought. We live in a rural county up in the middle of nowhere, so all of the locals were at the bar... the majority donning mullets. But whatever, we got in at about 9. The first band takes the stage. They are called Sol Tribe. I think a more appropriate name would be We Suck. Because, quite frankly, they suck ass. Go ahead, get their mp3s. They are horrible. They play for a frickin hour... It's about 1030 already. The next band is a local post-grunge band called Ki: Theory. They were much better. They took the stage at about 11. They didn't play as long as Sol Tribe. Then it was the Ice Man's turn.

The Main Event-
Everyone in the whole place came to see him. The man. The myth. The legend. The joke. Anyways, he took forever! He got on about 12... as soon as he came on, the whole club went up in an uproar. What are the chances to see Vanilla Ice. moohaha. So he played like 4 or and 5 songs and everyone was moshing. Good shit. Then he busted out Ice Ice Baby. Niiiice. He started the verse with his old rap version. Ohhh helllll yeah. Then he slyly converted it into his new hard rock version. Sweet. That was the highlight of my night. Okay check out these pics and READ THE MOFO'N CAPTIONS

The sign for the show. Niiiiiice.

My ticket.

The Ice Man spittin' out the classic tune Havin a Roni. You know you liked it.

Another picture of Vanilla frickin Ice

Oh my.. The iceman making lewd gestures! Hah... he's so different now. Fuck the industry! Fuck everything! He claims to be so real now because he no longer wants to be a "puppet". Too bad thats what made you famous at all pencildick. However he is such a pimp. One of his songs is called "Show Me Your Titties" Catchy tune, eh? And what did the girls and drunk 50 year old women do? Flashed their boobies. It was like a sexfest. No, I didn't take pictures, don't ask. But it definitely was the most bare breasts I have seen in one place. So if you want a cheap thrill, check out the Ice Man.

Ever seen a kid in a wheelchair crowdsurf? Cuz I sure haven't. I guess shit like this happens only at a Vanilla Ice show. It was crazy, because he got thrown up onto the stage... and everyone was like uhhhh what the hell do we do. It was rather disturbing. But then everyone was cheering for him. Weird...

Yet another picture of Vanilla frickin Ice

What?!? It's another picture of Vanilla frickin Ice!!!

Me, the lead singer from Ki: Theory and Lex, after the show

This picture was taken after the show around 2 in the mornin. We knew he would come back out. Not many people were still left in the building, so it was real chill. Plus he was stoned off his ass.

I bought this sweeet tee shirt for 15 bucks. I always wanted a Vanilla Ice shirt. Even though it is ugly as sin. I have one, and you don't.

The Ice Man's autograph. The picture cost a dollar, but I didn't have a dollar. So the guy just gave it to me. What a nice man...

Woah.... what is this?? I'm chillen with Vanilla freakin Ice. You know you are jealous

Lex chillen with Vanilla freakin Ice.

Overall -
What a show. Even though the new shit is so wack and different, the show was great. The intensity never died. My favorite parts would be his songs that deals with him smoking lots of weed. What a nerd. Sounds like Cypress Hill. Then he cracked on MC Hammer, and I quote "I'm glad I didn't go bankrupt like that motherfucka MC HAMMER!!!!" Uhhh yeah. And then he made reference to his VH1 special and his MTV show where he went ballastic and beat the hell out of his video. Yeah. He kept preaching that fans should like musicians for their music, not their image. His music still is wack. And then it was phat how he invited people in the audience to freestyle. These people were tearing Ice apart. I wish my boy Sam aka Green Eggs and Sam was there... he would've become famous on the spot. Well that about sums it up. The question arises, "Would I see him again?" No. One serving of Vanilla Ice is enough for me.

Click here for the old school Ice, Ice Baby mp3
Click here for the new, rock remix of Ice, Ice Baby!!


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When compared to Elvis:
"No way! Let me tell you, I'm no Elvis. Elvis had his time. I'm Vanilla Ice, and it's my turn now."

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