Thanksgiving RECAP!

This past week was Thanksgiving break for me and all my friends at their respective jobs and colleges to come back to Richmond and drink a whole lot. I did not get any of my work done and now I am facing the busiest week in terms of school work I should be doing in my entire life, but I just had to put up a quick recap.

Wednesday night, Sam of Green Eggs and Sam and I of this website and Pete and David and Timmy ventured downtown to Derrick Vara's recording stuido ReaLife Multimedia. Here we consumed alcohol as Sam layed down some phat beats and tracks regarding such hot topics as lesbians, spontaneous erections, and untimely ejaculations. Hey, I never said you had to read that last sentence.

Then we headed to Swine Night at Kim's where all of us from the high school days met up again to talk about high school and our career plans and our future endeavors to meet up again to reminisce about Swine Night. Sadly and realistically it very well could have been the last big gathering of all of us until we rot in our graves in burial plots next to each other for all of eternity.

Anyways, we hit up the studio again Thursday night to put the finishing touches on the tracks to make them CD ready hopefully by this week. That's right ladies, it's time to release GAS on CD! I will let you know when the three song demo is available so you can send me money and I will rip you off. Then we hit up the bar for some good times with good old friends.

Friday night I slept.

Saturday, my good stupid slut friend Barrow had a few people over for Sam's going away party. Um, idiot he's going to Iraq to serve our wonderful country. He's leaving this week to remain there for a year, while it's up to me to keep you updated with the latest information on how you can reach him and send him porn DVD's in discrete packaging. Click below for a gallery of random shots at a bar like two weeks ago, Swine Night, Sam's going away party, and a flying squirrel that I found in my attic.

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Britney Spears is still hot

I've said it all along, Britney Spears is hotter than Christina Aguilera no matter the circumstances. So what if she is a no-talent ass clown who is not immune to fatness and acne, but as long as she is airbrushed and pulling down her shorts, then all is good. This is why I bring you the Britney Spears outtakes of a 2003 InStyle Magazine photoshoot. Click & Enjoy.

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Hey guys, it's Friday!

Hey everybody it's FRIDAY!!! That's right, my computer clock still says Friday and that's all that matters because not only does the world revolve around me, but so does this website. Which means it is time to finally post the links that people have SubSmitted to me.

Listed in order of subsmittance:

Girls and Games - Your source for all new girls and games.
U Got Games - Daily new flash games!
Link Funk - 10-15 links everyday to the hotest babes and crazy stuff on the web!
UK Search Engine - The ONLY way to search the web. (I think there's other ways but that was the description provided, and also note that the "search is coming soon." I guess he meant it's the only way to search the web but not really.)
All Dumbass - A site just for fun!
Kosmo Krator - Randomness
Psychotropic Smokes - Watch people trip!
Mr. Girard - Le meilleur moteur de recherche sur l’internet (um, fuck if I know, damn European spammers.)
Babe on a Bull - Check out the bull riding video - this is some funny stuff!
The Cluck Bucket - I like smiling... smiling is my favorite :) (a great blog by two chicks I know, been meaning to link them up but of course my degenerative brain disorder has gotten the best of me) - Technology, Politics, Good times had by all!
St. Bede's Field Hockey Club - My field hockey club's website, Melbourne, Australia (I thought only girls and my roommate Piyum were the only people that played field hockey.)

There were a few more submitted which consisted of crap and broken links. SubSmit more right now! Time to play poker and make enemies out of my close friends.

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Just kidding idiots

It is now Thursday and my 17th ranked soccer team just upset the 1st seed in the second round of the playoffs, therefore I am going to Senior Night at Highlawn to get wasted and drown my sorrows for my opponents. I will update with my links tomorrow. Thanks for all that submitted, whether they be field hockey websites in Australia or seach engines in England. It means a lot. TTFN LYMI.

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SubSmit links and shut up!

In keeping up with tradition here at Smithappens, I have decided to nap whenever the thought of putting any work into this site has crossed my mind. Now, now, don't get any crazy ideas here, this doesn't count as work persay but merely passing the torch temporarily to you, the loyal disgruntled visitor. I am giving you a chance to whore out your website, well that is any website besides free mortgage services and online pharmacies that seem to plague this script, to the mass audiences. So go ahead, use my trademarked SubSmit links script and I will post the links and write what I think about them on Thursday.

SubSmit Your Links!


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Tara Reid Nipple Slip!

Since it is my civil duty to put all shreds of deceny and integrity on the backburner whenever a celebrity slip up takes place, I am bringing you the Tara Reid Nipple Slip at P. Diddy's birthday party on Thursday night. Apparently it was just another wardrobe malfunction, and not a sleazy attempt to show off her brand new implants. PSHEA, LIKE I'LL BELIEVE THAT!


Click Tara Reid for the FREE photos and More FREE CELEBS!

Tara Reid Nipple Slip at P. Diddy's birthday party!


Stay tuned as I probably won't update for another week.

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