Unleash the fury, Mitch... ROAD TRIP

I'm headed to see the new Willy Wonka movie tonight, I've heard good things about it such as the squirrels that crack the nuts and put them on the conveyor belt are actually real squirrels that were trained over a few month's time and nothing screams crowdpleaser like authentic animals.

Then I'm going to New Jersey for the weekend, then back home next week, then down to Fort Bragg, North Carolina to visit Sammy and his new house off base, then to Virginia Beach the following week, then back to New Jersey specifically Atlantic City and Long Beach Island, then RP of GorillaMask is flying in to Richmond that following Tuesday to begin our cross country trip to Phoenix where I will be living and working. So if anybody is going to be in any of the places at the same time I will be there then hit me up and either say goodbye or hello. You pretty much have no excuse because I will be traversing the entire width of the continent and at some time I will be on the exact longitude as you, so would you please give us a place to stay and possibly some other free stuff? (Not applicable to non US residents not between Virginia and Arizona.) Stay tuned folks.

Posted July 21, 2005 at 07:10 PM