My academic career is winding down as graduation is rapidly approaching this Saturday. It's starting to sink in that pounding beers to the point of unconciousness will no longer be viewed as "awe-some" or "flipping sweet" but rather frowned upon as alcoholism and smelly. Oh and not living within stumbling distance of your closest 30 friends anymore is what I'm going to miss most.

A lot of people think that I wrote this, a letter to graduating seniors written by Burns aka DMB. I've gotten several compliments at bars and over IM's about how sweet it is, and I try to explain that I didn't write it but they tell me to stop being so modest and I smile and nod. Clearly I wrote it because clearly I am a graduating senior writing to all my fellow graduating seniors clearly stating that I'm going to miss you when you go off into the real world and I'm luckily still in college clearly. Gotta give credit to where credit is long overdue. As DMB himself says, Life is short but sweet for certain.

Everyone asks if this website will die after college and I let them wait a month to hear a response. I don't plan on ever giving this up. The direction in which I take it will likely be different. OBVI. As I might not be only updating with drunken photo galleries unless I am lucky enough to be that creepy townie at the bar macking hot college freshmen AND taking their pictures. I've got big plans for the decades to come, sit tight girlfriend.

Speaking of drunken photo galleries, here's the end of my pictures of college until this weekend. It consists of Alumni Weekend, Senior Week, Danwho's 21st, and Foxfield Races.

RP of is coming to visit me, Danwho, James, and anyone else who likes to meet people in real life from the internet. He's flying in from Arizona tomorrow and staying until Monday. I told him that there will be lots of beer and fun. What I didn't tell him is that there is no beer and no fun.

I have to go study for my only exam and then I am done with education forever. Today marks the peak of my intelligence as I never have to learn anything for the rest of my life. Slowly I will get dumb and dumber and dumbest! Oh my god that was so dumb!

Posted May 04, 2005 at 06:53 PM