Facebook Me!

This website has taken the entire college nation by storm, bringing the ease of stalking to an all-time high. Students list personal biographical information, favorite albums and movies, courses currently enrolled in, links to their webshots, and perhaps most importantly, a list of who their friends are. While the people listed in the friends list may have never even heard of the student who has listed them, they are considered still considered their friends, and I encourage this loving community stalking type atmosphere.

That's right people, I have become so desperate to increase my pseudopopularity on TheFaceBook.com that I have decided to beg on my website for complete strangers to list me as a friend. You see, this actually a win-win situation because not only do you gain a complete stranger as a friend, but I will also list you in my friends even when I have never talked to you, thus boosting our social status at a time when social status means absolutely everything, and I MEAN EVERYTHING.

So go ahead, click on my profile and add me. So I can find out if you're the hot girls in my classes that have boyfriends which gives me more reasons to have never talked to you in the first place.

Posted February 18, 2005 at 11:38 AM