Keg Race Draft Results 2005!

Hello ladies and small gentle boys, this is Smatrick McSmatrick reporting live from 1145 Gray Ashby with the latest results from the Keg Race Draft. While there were no monumental surprises, Erin Walsh told a dirty joke about my favorite Disney characters which will scar me for life. I lied about the monumental surprises part, but I did not lie about Erin killing the last living piece of my soul.

There were many huge last minute dropouts such as Meat, Wodsey, Nick, Polak, and I can't remember anymore because they are probably insignificant factors anyways. So here's the rundown of the Draft:

1. Rusty- obvious choice, don't know if it's his ability to pound beers or a personal vendetta against all non-Steelers fans on Super Bowl weekend but this was no surprise.
2. Shaun - once again no surprise, I was taking a nap during the first two picks and I woke up suddenly in a cold sweat and asked everyone around me who the first two picks were and before they could answer I screamed Rusty and Shaun! and then I passed back out before they confirmed that of course I was right and I slept like a little bitch.
3. Mike - I think this is right, screw the I think part, I know this is right because I am always right even if I am wrong, but he wasn't at the draft because he was working to support his special lady friend.
4. Clay - While this is no surprise, he is a rookie to the Keg Race and was not placed in the original predictions. Good pick Ed.
5. Smit (me) - Of course I should have been picked in the first round, I decided to settle for the 1st pick in the 3rd round only to the surprise of everyone in the entire apartment so suck it.

I don't remember the rest of the draft order really but does it matter? It pretty much can be summed up like this: Most guys picked, Courtney Duane picked, some more guys, the rest of the girls picked, Golf Tom picked.

While Draft order is no longer important, I will recall the members of my team (The Gray Team):

Ed, Rusty, Patrick Joseph Smith, Burns, Billiams, James, Piyum, Danwho, Luis, Michael Ryan Moore, Amanda, Joy, Scully, Erin Walsh, ummmmm I don't remember!!! Hahaahhahaha!

The Green (Losers) team consists of all the other people in the draft that sucked so much that they didn't get picked so that they had to be on the Green team.

I did take pictures of most everybody receiving their shirts, both the Gray team and the losers that didn't get picked and had to settle for the Green team. So go ahead and look at the Gray team and the losers.

Keg Race Draft 2005 Pictures!!!

Posted February 04, 2005 at 12:45 AM