New New Years 2005!

Labeled by reputable party review magazines as "The Party of the MILLENIA!", our 3rd annual New New Years Eve party was held last Friday. You see, this party was of such enormous magnitude that it took eight days for me to finally see straight and remember my login password to update this deplorable blog/e/n/website.

The night started off in traditional fashion with as many as fifteen men (twenty nine testicles) dressed in shirts and ties standing around wondering if any ladies would ever arrive to dilute this stagnant pool of testosterone. Eventually they DID show up, as women - in fact- do want it as much as men. Of course I am referring to the 140 dollar keg of Calhoun's Smokin' Scottish, and two kegs of Natural Lite (commonly known as Splatty Lite due to the violent repercussions that plague dormitory community bathrooms the following morning.)

Much of the night was a big blur because my cones and rods are starting to attack each other, but I did take a little over 100 photos to capture the evening and throw up a gallery so everyone can stop yelling at me. I do however remember hearing from my boy Green Eggs and Sam who called me from Iraq where he is serving this country proud. I organized an impromptu toast with a handful of my best friends (who also have testicles) in dedication of Sam's awesome bravery and skills in magic. I am going to put up his address ASAP so that you can send him burned DVD's of pornography discretely labeled as Kenny G albums. Check out my gallery below as I am not a very good photographer.

Also hit up Danwho's recollection and gallery as well as C Duane's measly little gallery of the event.

Posted January 22, 2005 at 06:49 PM