Hey guys, it's Friday!

Hey everybody it's FRIDAY!!! That's right, my computer clock still says Friday and that's all that matters because not only does the world revolve around me, but so does this website. Which means it is time to finally post the links that people have SubSmitted to me.

Listed in order of subsmittance:

Girls and Games - Your source for all new girls and games.
U Got Games - Daily new flash games!
Link Funk - 10-15 links everyday to the hotest babes and crazy stuff on the web!
UK Search Engine - The ONLY way to search the web. (I think there's other ways but that was the description provided, and also note that the "search is coming soon." I guess he meant it's the only way to search the web but not really.)
All Dumbass - A site just for fun!
Kosmo Krator - Randomness
Psychotropic Smokes - Watch people trip!
Mr. Girard - Le meilleur moteur de recherche sur l’internet (um, fuck if I know, damn European spammers.)
Babe on a Bull - Check out the bull riding video - this is some funny stuff!
The Cluck Bucket - I like smiling... smiling is my favorite :) (a great blog by two chicks I know, been meaning to link them up but of course my degenerative brain disorder has gotten the best of me)
Tyman.net - Technology, Politics, Good times had by all!
St. Bede's Field Hockey Club - My field hockey club's website, Melbourne, Australia (I thought only girls and my roommate Piyum were the only people that played field hockey.)

There were a few more submitted which consisted of crap and broken links. SubSmit more right now! Time to play poker and make enemies out of my close friends.

Posted November 20, 2004 at 11:01 PM