Edward Fortyhands GALLERY GALORE!


Last night was the first Block event of the year, Edward 40hands. In case you don't know, 40hands is drinking game version of the movie Edward Scissorhands.

Peg Boggs the local Avon lady is having a bad day. As a last resort she tries her luck at the old castle at the end of her street. Once at the castle she meets Edward, who's inventor died before he finished making him. Peg decides to adopt Edward and bring him down from the castle. Edward and his scissor hands soon stir up curiosity in the community and before long they have all took him to their hearts, but despite Edwards talents for cutting hair and hedges. Will the community accept him as a person?

But in our version, we duct tape two 40 ounce bottles of beer or malt liquor to our hands. This eliminates the ability to use our hands until we have successfully finished all 80 ounces. The faster you drink, the faster you can urinate. Unless you have a clever getup of a kilt with no boxers to pop squats at will. James puked in the sink.

I took only a few pictures since my hands were preoccupied but Fegley took some on her webshots. You can also check out another tiny crappy gallery from last weekend's tailgate. This update sucks.

Posted September 11, 2004 at 02:16 PM