If only you could see the stranger next to me


Yao, I'm still around. I haven't been in the updating mood lately due to a barrage of uncontrollable circumstances that even some of the closest of my friends don't even know about. Don't worry, I'll get through it all and be better off in the long run. What doesn't kill you hurts like hell and you may lose control of your bowels, but ends up making you stronger.

I got the new Jimmy Eat World album that hits stores October 19. Jim Adkins personally sent me the album along with autographed posters, hoodies, and backstage passes. This album sounds like a smooth combination of the soothing ballads of Clarity mixed in with some more upbeat rawwwwk of their previous self-titled. The first single is "Pain" which will be on the radio on October 9. I was thinking about posting some of the songs on my website, but then again I don't really want to get sued like ChokeyChicken.com did for posting the newest Taking Back Sunday album. Therefore, you will have to either wait until then or steal my car with the CD in it. I prefer the latter.

And that is all. Check out the Mindless Bullshit forums and GorillaMask for more active websites for the time being.

Posted August 29, 2004 at 11:53 PM