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Greetings and salutations my long lost fallen commrades. After going home to Richmond for the 4th of July, I've returned to JMU only to extend my holiday by buying a new leather chair and a desk from OfficeMax. I don't what I'm going for, but certainly comfort and space is one of the top priorities. The way my room is set up now is just gross and ineffecient. My 3700 dollar Powerbook just sits on the bookshelf gathering dust, so I'm hoping my new spacy desk will let me work on both computer simultaneously at the same time concurrently.

Since I've been back, I've been taking pictures as the official photographer of current position at JMU. (I'm not allowed to disclose which department I'm working for since this website is ridden with disease, and that's exactly the opposite of what they are aiming to achieve.)

I'm planning on going to Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore this coming weekend to meet up with a bunch of college friends of mine to engage in some unprotected drinking and intravenous needle sharing. Definitely will call for some pictures and some crazy stories to update upon my return.

The SUBsMIT link feature once again has flooded my inbox with some great links from kind viewers and spammers alike. Check 'em out categorized.

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Flash Cartoons and Games
"A cool game involving a dead thing" | American Phill -"This is the most insane cartoon I have ever seen. Like Family Guy meets Invader Zim plus mutant cows." | Cool Flash cartoon with lots of carnage! | Anime Parody featuring Captain Crunch, Transformers, and Godzilla

Random Other Sites and News
My good buddy Geoff Baio's website - GoosetownUSA - He claims I ignored his previous request, and "gd'd" me for it but really he is full of crap.
The Hangover Cafe- Another college related site worth checking out.
"Amusing Blog by College Student- Actually Updated Frequently" - And my site ISN'T updated frequently?!? AS IF!!
The People's Perception - The ONLY place where Porn and Drugs are not good for you.
Hilarious and shocking rock songs.
Hilarious link on how to get kicked off a forum
A war game about Iraq.
Man tries to get rid of a million pennies.
How to find out if you are gay or not... - Chances are, if you click that link, you're a flamer.
Funny Top 10 lists
Fire crews rescued a drunken Swede found trapped after he tried to crawl under a gate

BUT UM ANYWAYS. I've converted all my subpages and old archives into the format of this layout to make it all go together. Now all my updates since October 2003 that have since disappeared are NOW AVAILABLE!!!


You don't get anything clean without getting something else dirty.

Posted by: Debt Settlement on April 29, 2005 09:53 PM
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