I am in the process of changing the layout of the site around, mainly trimming it down so only the sites that I honestly check out everyday are under my Favorites, and every other site will be under the link section. I'll add everyone and anyone who wants me to on the link page, but I really gotta love your site to get placed on the Favorites. I also eliminated the banner ads for the posters, offensive tee shirts, and porn simply because I get paid on comission and made a total sale of 1 poster which equals a mere 48 cents in my pocket. I am going to place a section up for sponsored advertisments where people actually pay me to put them up instead of me getting commission on selling their products. Interested? I think you should be even if you don't have anything to sell. Just pay me money and I'll put whatever you want up.

Sorry if I deleted your link, leave me a comment and I'll put it up. Maybe. HAHAHAHA.

Posted October 25, 2003 at 07:17 PM