Translation of Arguez's insights (thanks to AltaVista):

In a perfect world there would not be people who struggle between envies and hatred to criticize people who are in a superior plane. In a perfect world those beings who are described thus same people and who protect themselves in the freedom of expression would not have the dirty necessity to invent nonsenses to feel proud of if same. If after reading my letters you erase them and you are going to cry to your mothers you will be lost... if when you read them you consider that they are false alegraos, because there is no greater satisfaction than to read a text with the calm conscience that contributes the knowledge that his author is a fool. He has always made grace see me you criticize them towards other people, fills of pride and satisfaction to me to see a pagina without flash, no type of animation nor special effect... simply a pathetic pagina with two texts and three photos and whose creators consider themselves superior. It is possible that according to my scale of values me this reducing to communicate to me with you, but you are not created that I hate to you, of small always said to me that there was people for everything, thanks to God, those of your nature are like you. I have always studied with the purpose of extending my knowledge, poor you, you cannot miraros to the mirror without feeling hatred, envies or the innate deception of knowledge that you have been born and that never you will be able to make nothing prevent that. Nobody will never do a pagina criticándoos, nor nobody to you insulted to you, you will have happened through a world that so single it has ignored to you. It enchants to me to feel in my body the tremendous happiness of knowledge that is people who hate what but master... then, although opposite, their feelings are similar to mine. - Your extreme hatred is transformed into me in love. - Yours it envies carries far is transformed into me in admiration. - Your extreme ignorance is transformed into me in tranquillity. You do not take my words like insults, although if really they hurt to you you think that the truth makes but damage that the fire. I request to you that you read my letters until the end, because single when you arrive until you will be able to judge with freedom your position in the world, in a world in which you are not worth anything, in a world that would be better without you. It must be sad to rise each morning and knowledge which that person who as much you envy and in that every night you think, with tears in the eyes much that you would give by being like her, it prevails day to day and makes but great, as great as you are of insignificant, in a rule of three without end. You surely when you read my lines will feel the tranquillity that single can provide the ignorance that the ignorante feels mainly what it surrounds to him. I ask to you (if she is that perhaps you have answer) so that you hate to him... Perhaps Decidme is by its fortune? so elevated as elevated they are your debts. It is perhaps by its present position in the world where develops? You, sad occupants of banks of unemployment, collectors of subsidies. Or he is perhaps by the innocence that wakes up its glance? Innocence that contrasts with your eyes, sad and tired. Decidme, human deceptions, Whereupon tool you altered the one that I believe that it is your masterpiece, the photo of the principle? Perhaps with one copies pirateada of Adobe Photoshop? If it is therefore I advise to you that you pass the tool to him "FINGER" because the result would improve remarkably without too much physical and mental effort. Decidme also from where you have removed from the sleeve word "OFFICIAL" because you of officials have just like of culture, so single the idea of the possession of this gift. Decidme by I complete the flavor that leaves leeros you, to read your lines, cojeré one of your phrases at random "Why Anti-Haley Joel Osment? Why not? HAHAHAHHA... HAHAHA... obvious the commentaries exceed... hahaha? God how happy mine I feel of which this is the official pagina Anti-haley. I take leave satisfied, pleasingly convinced that you are what without a doubt you give to understand that you are, thanks to you exactly the position that the person occupies that I admire because he is inversely proportional to that you occupy, your minds. Please, if you have any doubt, or commentary that to do, you write to FAN_HALEY@HOTMAIL.COM, to perhaps speak with a superior mind will be the doors to you that until now you have closed; perhaps the information and a vision on you yourself is painful, but I hope that necessary, so that single in the culture is the true happiness. Drizzt Dóurden said once: The conscience is one hard load that single the noble people must support, but at the same time is a rest for they themselves; my chest fan of pride when seeing the obvious thing that it is that you do not load with that weight, nor that never you will prove it. That mouth flavor leaves your pagina you? Kindly: Arguez

Here is his amigo Delfi's comments as well:

Argez, I am totally in agreement with vos. It must not have entered this page, now I value more to Haley than before. Please, all we have to algúnen emigo, but we do not fall taaaaaan low like making a disagreeable page in his against. Piénsenlo, Delfi

This just in: More from Arguez the Great!
That it speaks in ingles you request to me in which I suppose sera... your central page? Nonbeautiful, I value my time, but if that I have occurred stroll by her (by your pagina) and me has pleased much that photo, that I hope that is yours, with that you put the finishing touch to your work... Single with verte I understood so that you made this page, that hinchón of reir, now which I think it, is not even so horrible what you say of at least compared haley... with which the nature has done with you. If you want to read tradúceme simply to me, I am not going to speak to you in ingles, so that I doubt, that with that face that you have, you understand any language. Also I have liked much to see your smile, very own of tí, in serious, matches yet what I said to you in my first text, that that nor you have leido, nor you have understood. I have already said you that I do not believe that estes to the height of the world that surrounds to you, to see your friends is to confirm my searches, is like contemplating a retroevolución in which I am sure that those beings... do not descend from the monkey (nor from the donkey), I do not believe that in the nature there is so absurd animal so that descendais of. The unico which you have "of your part" is that as I said to you in my first text, insurance which you are a parasito collector of social subsidies, reason why you have in your power the time to update your "masterful" page daily. Since I see that beams mention a few translators, like the one of altavista etc etc; I am glad to much that you ed ***reflx mng segun your... "why can't they speak English", I suppose that, since already there am saying, these unemployed (I give it by fact since it is impossible that you have work) and that exceeded to you time to translate my texts, ademas, I see that, in spite of your extreme ignorance, you know some translators well (the one of altavista is of but patetico that I have seen, it matches with you). It cheers to me, although on the other hand me averguenza, which you leave in your page, cheers to me so that I see that, in spite of being as you are, you do not hide yourself and you are in public; and me averguenza, so that if I were like your, not tendria that value. Good, I believe that for today already I have given to you very well with my line, that so little you deserve, I soon hope that algun day you are discovered and you gone finally to algun specialized place where they take care of to you, the first mentally (then what there is in the mind is but important that the physicist) and fisico... so that:S...