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ADVERTISING SPECIAL - Get your text link on the right side of the site under "Hot Links" for only $100/month. That's less than 4 bucks a day! Be seen by tens of thousands of visitors a day. Also great for search engine purposes! Only 10 spots available! Email me for details on payment.

Now that my site has been revamped and running strong since September of 2005, I am now offering some advertising rates.

Basic Background: Four months ago, I would be lucky to get 1,000 unique visitors a day. Today, receives, on average, 50,000 unique visitors a day. This number is growing rapidly as I continue to work hard on it. The bulk majority of my visitors are males ages 18-35 in the United States. This is the premium demographic that advertisers spend billions of dollars a year in focusing on.

If you're into using as the standard for tracking website growth, you may find my site's details by clicking here.

Advertising Options:

I have many different options available to suit anybody's needs. Since my audience is mostly American young males, advertising toward that market will be more effective and efficient. Some examples of products that do well with my audience: Adult/ dating ads (but no strictly porn sites), gambling sites, tee-shirt sites, "free stuff" sites such as ipods and DVD's, game sites, alcohol related sites, college entertainment, and anything else that would interest young men.

Daily Plugs:
These are the "Daily Links" that I place on the main page of my site. I update these 5 days a week, and eventually plan on moving this to 7 days a week. These are becoming more and more popular, sending thousands of visitors to each link. I only link to "content" pages or pages with direct content on them, linking to random homepages is blatant advertising and I don't want to feed my visitors a bunch of crap. These links will be at the top of my site the day they are put up, and will remain in the archives forever.

Right now, here are the rates for the ads:

Adult/Bikini/Babes - $25 each plug as these usually receive more clicks.
Everything Else - $20 each plug.

Banner Ads: I have many banners on my site. Right now I am using CPM advertisements through different CPM companies, but I can work out deals for people who insist on purchasing my main banner space.

Text Links: There are other text links on my site that are available for sale. My site gets indexed in the main search engines very quickly, so this option can greatly boost your company's rankings in the search engines, boosting your revenue many times over. Email me or use the form below about text links.

Traffic Exchanges:
I am willing to work out deals with sites that can send similar traffic to me. Right now, building my site's popularity is my main goal, so this is my number one preference. Contact me.

Use the form below to contact me about advertising options. I will try my best to accomodate everyone's needs.

























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