As if having a giant robotic arm in your garage isn't freaking sweet enough, here is an awesome use for it.
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If your nav system has this much trouble giving directions, maybe you should invest in something a little more up to date.
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It is fairly obvious what this video is about so just insert a corny joke about training wheels here.
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I have the exact same supersoaker, but have never used it to its full potential. The full potential as being illustrated in this video.
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Seth and Amy have some questions for Michael Vick and his sneaky fake water bottle to hide marijuana in this new Weekend Update segment from Saturday Night Live.
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Check out this news clip of a lion appearing to be giving out hugs and kisses to some crazy woman. More like tasting his meal before dinner.
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This guy creates an awesome artwork by spraying spray paint really, really fast!
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Since Da Bears dominated the Saints in yesterday's NFC Championship game, a lot of people have been searching for the Super Bowl Shuffle music video by the 1985 Bears. Here's the link, with lyrics, to a page on my old layout.
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And vice versa. Stephen Colbert and Bill O'Reilly agreed to appear on each other's shows. First, Colbert appears on the O'Reilly Factor. Then, O'Reilly goes on the Colbert Report. Here's both videos.
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Keep your eye on the chicken...
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Jim tricks Dwight into thinking that it's currently the last day of the work week in this clip from The Office.
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Japanese gameshows are pretty freaking hardcore. Do you have what it takes to complete this obstacle course?
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Happy Friday! Just some girls making out with each other, no big deal! RIGHT?!
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"Robots are everywhere and they eat old people's medicine for fuel." Classic.
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Heineken is pretty darn good, but better than Jennifer Aniston? Come on, now. That's just silly.
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This may be the single dumbest, most wreckless, insane, awesome, ingenius thing I've ever seen.
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Jumping over a chair on a scooter is bad enough, but the geniuses here try it inside. The crashes are good, but check out the guy's laugh towards the end. Wow.
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This guy is watching his favorite show, Ow My Balls, in the movie Idiocracy. The entire movie is on the same level. Good stuff.
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When bungee jumping, do make sure that there are no hungry alligators waiting around for a snack.
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From the safety of a canoe, the reporter claims that the flood waters are dangerously deep. Then two guys walk right past her. What a liar.
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Need a few extra minutes away from the desk? Just project a hologram of yourself into your chair.
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This is a pilot clip for Gay Robot, which is based on Adam Sandler's standup. Rumor has it that the show will unfortunately never be aired. Too bad. It's pretty hilarious.
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This briefcase will make your briefcase its bitch.
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Peter has a crazy dream that he was eating a sheep. And just for good measure there's a Star Wars reference.
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An overloaded cart lifts the donkey pulling it off the ground. The donkey looks pretty funny just hanging in the air.
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This stupid woman just can't seem to get a hose into her gas tank. She's also having a hard time refueling her automobile. BaZing!!!
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There are so many monkey spanking and pussy washing jokes that could go along with this. But I won't even go there.
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No matter how many times it happens, and no matter what part of the world it is, drunk people falling out of chairs is always funny.
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If you decide to quit your job, perhaps this is how you should go about letting your employer know.
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Things going wrong in swimming pools. I am in one of the clips, try and figure out which one I am!
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