A local television baseball reporter cusses live on air. Earmuffs people, earmuffs!
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Jon Stewart and special guest, former president Billiam Clinton.
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This guy deserves the ultimate rejection during halftime of an NBA game for the tackiest proposal ever.
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After getting busted for what was interpreted as a racial slur, Virginia Senator George Allen held an ethnic rally to prove he is not a racist. Stephen Colbert reports.
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One of my all-time favorite movie scenes in the movie Super Troopers. How do you like me meow?
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Bart and Milhouse get ahold of a time machine and pull some cruel pranks on Homer with his doughnuts.
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Peter goes back in time as a black disco man.
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Weird Al Yankovic is back in action as he does a parody of Ridin Dirty by Chamillionaire.
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A funny commerical that sports one of the coolest (and probably only) beer robots ever.
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Battlestar Galacticas Tricia Helfer is a much needed distraction.
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Dave Chappelle pays a visit to a terminally ill kid, and crushes him in the Street Hoops playstation game.
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Compilation of the hardest hitting tackles to ever be caught on tape.
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Next time that bully in 1st period flicks a spitball at you, whip this badass rubber band machine gun out on him and mow down the entire class.
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The infamous fat kid from the Man Show out trying to pick up chicks. Hilarious!
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Mat Weddle does an amazing acoustic cover of the Outkast hit.
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An interesting video by NASA celebrating its 45 year anniversary. This one goes out to all my rocket scientist friends out there.
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A classic clip of Dubya busted digging for gold.
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What would the video game Grand Theft Auto look like in real life? Dave Chappelle does that just for us. Carjacking + Violence = AWESOME.
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Stephen Colbert rips on ABCs Path to 9-11 miniseries.
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Philly coach Andy Reid captured on camera saying "Watch This" just before Donovan McNabb connects with WR Donte Stallworth for a wide open touchdown. Genius!
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All that reading from a teleprompter for 10 seconds a night sure does take some skill that these guys just dont have. They love saying the F-word, so look out!
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Monkey plays with puppy. Puppy gets excited. Monkey falls backward laughing hysterically.
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These are the probably the oldest photos on the Internet, but in case you have never seen them, check them out. Pretty sweet.
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Jon Stewart and Senior WH Correspondent John Oliver examine President Bushs methods of coping with the grief of 9-11 and the lessons hess learned from Hurricane Katrina.
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If I am going to post a MySpace seminar video, I just have to post a Facebook stalking tutorial video. Thanks to the sites new feeds, stalking is a piece of cake!
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A never before seen 30-minute video of the WTC attacks in NYC on September 11, 2001. Never forget.
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A kickboxer quickly knocks himself out of competition when his leg snaps upon kicking his opponent. I have got to warn you, this is pretty graphic.
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This guy tries to roller blade from a roof but ends up smashing against the concrete.
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Here is Jon Stewarts emotional monologue on The Daily Show the first time back on air after the terrorist attacks on September 11th, five years ago today.
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In case you were debating whether or not to have kids, maybe this will help in your decision.
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