Just hadta post the LongCat! Because that's the longest freaking cat evar! Send in some other webpages like this! Exclamation points rock!
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Maxim has composed this list of movies that you just can't turn off, even though they are absolutely terrible.
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Heidi really went all out on her costume this year.
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Reason #20. You can open all your own jars.
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Well. That about ruins my day.
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This video shows you how to get her to stop watching her stupid shows and let you have the remote. Try it at home.
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Speaking of beer, here's another brewski commercial. This one has a super hottie using her cans to open a bottle!
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Bud Light commercial with a pole dancer. Not exactly what you might think.
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Thanks to for this great list of Borat Skits. Hilarious. If you don't know Borat, he's one of Sacha Baron Cohen's charcters. (Cohen also does Ali G, duh) Watch!
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Some classic touchdown celebrations to remind us of a time when the NFL allowed such things...way back in 2005.
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Do you know why your favorite band is named the way it is? If not, click here to no longer be a poser.
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Facebook has launched new features that allow stalking to the extreme. Apparently most users don't like being stalked, and are calling for a boycott.
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