This one's for all you diehard techie geeks out there. The Samsung K5 MP3 can handle getting run over by a car while your crappy video iPod cries in the corner.
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This is R Kelly's Hip Hopera music video series redone Christmas style. There are three parts that get progressively funnier and more awfully inappropriate. All I can say is wow.
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Alright kids. It's time for some Ali G. Booyakasha.
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This is a funny commercial about ze Germans not knowing how to speak English.
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Its the talking cars from the Chevron commercial... Only one wants to hump the other one.
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This video is everywhere but it's just too wierd not to put up. Good thing farts don't really look like this without infared.
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Big Brooke Burke Gallery. Just what you needed.
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Just to remind everyone to be careful out on the road this holiday season, here's a clip from Reno 911. It will probably cause you to LOL.
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This girl has all the worst luck. But it could be worse, at least she's not ugly.
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Just a little advice for those of you aspiring liquor store robbers - Don't fall. Multiple times. On camera.
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A hot girl pulls a prank on an unsuspecting guy in a bar on the British TV show "Balls of Steel." I bet everyone here would have done the exact same thing.
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The Apple iPod cellphone known as the iTalk will be the sleekest and sexiest device to ever hit the market. If it ever gets invented, that is.
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If you're going to be using your own computer in a television interview, you better make sure your download history is wiped clean of free porn videos.
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Letterman goes over the events surrounding the Shamu Trainer incident. Incase you haden't heard, Shamu tried to kill his fuckwad trainer, to no avail. Damn. Would've been ironic.
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It doesn't get much better than having a ton of hot women in bikinis race like horses on the beach...does it?
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Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick gave the middle finger salute to his own fans heckling him in today's loss to the New Orleans Saints. I'm actively looking for the video, stay tuned!
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Since I'm a sucker for search engines, I had to post this link to a video of Google "mistakes" and a list of explanations of how they are anything but mistakes. Yippee!
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All this time, I thought I was snorting magical fairy dust, not ammonia, gasoline and hydrochloric acid. Silly me!
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Throughout human history, people have played games. This video shows the evolution of basketball, boxing, first person shooters, and other gaming classics.
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A compilation of the greatest football plays of all time. Most of them are pretty obvious, but it's freaking sweet that they are all in one video. And I wanted a reason to post the hot FSU girl.
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In celebration of 10 F'ing years, The Daily Show showcases some of the greatest inventions ever created such as a mobile suitcase and male chasity belt.
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Salma Hayek undresses on the TV show "Ugly Betty" and shows us her incredible rack. Now that's something to be thankful for today!
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Peter and Lois aren't the only couple that has ever had problems. Bickering couples go waaaay back.
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These people look outright disgusted that Alien Ant Farm is playing at the BET awards. I guess thats why AAF got arrested for crashing the party.
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These two guys make some pretty ridiculous trick shots. I'd have to say the backwards-full-court one is the most impressive.
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You know, just in case any of the guys out there really wished they could go through a menstrual cycle too.
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Heidi Klum is just too hot for words so just go ahead and drool over the pictures
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Michael Richards aka Kramer from Seinfeld is caught going on a racist tirade at a comedy club this weekend. Wow, just wow.
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Just hadta post the LongCat! Because that's the longest freaking cat evar! Send in some other webpages like this! Exclamation points rock!
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Heres a list of the top Ohio State and Michigan college football videos in anticipation of the big matchup tomorrow! Go Hokies!
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