If you're going to be using your own computer in a television interview, you better make sure your download history is wiped clean of free porn videos.
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Letterman goes over the events surrounding the Shamu Trainer incident. Incase you haden't heard, Shamu tried to kill his fuckwad trainer, to no avail. Damn. Would've been ironic.
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It doesn't get much better than having a ton of hot women in bikinis race like horses on the beach...does it?
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Since I'm a sucker for search engines, I had to post this link to a video of Google "mistakes" and a list of explanations of how they are anything but mistakes. Yippee!
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All this time, I thought I was snorting magical fairy dust, not ammonia, gasoline and hydrochloric acid. Silly me!
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Throughout human history, people have played games. This video shows the evolution of basketball, boxing, first person shooters, and other gaming classics.
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A compilation of the greatest football plays of all time. Most of them are pretty obvious, but it's freaking sweet that they are all in one video. And I wanted a reason to post the hot FSU girl.
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In celebration of 10 F'ing years, The Daily Show showcases some of the greatest inventions ever created such as a mobile suitcase and male chasity belt.
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Salma Hayek undresses on the TV show "Ugly Betty" and shows us her incredible rack. Now that's something to be thankful for today!
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Peter and Lois aren't the only couple that has ever had problems. Bickering couples go waaaay back.
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These people look outright disgusted that Alien Ant Farm is playing at the BET awards. I guess thats why AAF got arrested for crashing the party.
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These two guys make some pretty ridiculous trick shots. I'd have to say the backwards-full-court one is the most impressive.
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You know, just in case any of the guys out there really wished they could go through a menstrual cycle too.
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Michael Richards aka Kramer from Seinfeld is caught going on a racist tirade at a comedy club this weekend. Wow, just wow.
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Heres a list of the top Ohio State and Michigan college football videos in anticipation of the big matchup tomorrow! Go Hokies!
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Cracked put together a list of the NBA's funniest, weirdest, coolest and stupidest moments captured on video.
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A rare view of how a serial arsonist views his work.
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Peter goes through a phase where he narrates his own life for two weeks. "I'm going to start doing this," I wrote.
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Here's the latest trailer for the new Spiderman movie set to release in the spring.
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But as you can see in this clip from Undercover Brother, he is definately not a sissy.
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Borat has been in countless interviews lately to promote his new movie. Here are the best seven.
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In celebration of Britney dumping that black hole of class, K-Fed, here are some of her hottest music videos, from before he dragged her down. Her hotness is back on the rise, and that means good things are on the way.
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How do you handle hot girls pestering you with stupid questions while you're in the middle of watching the big game? After you hit her in the face, watch this!
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Faith Hill got pissed that she lost to Carrie Underwood as the female vocalist of the year at the CMAs. She claims she was joking, but you be the judge while I stare at the open mouth freezeframe.
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Peter does a favor for the Park Ranger. I guess Yogi won't be bothering any more campers.
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Do you have feelings of inadequacy? Ask your doctor or pharmacist about tequila.
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In celebration of todays polls, here is the classic Puff Daddy song, Vote Or Die.
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Here's a list of 15 television commercials from search engine companies. Some are funny, some are batshit insane. Let me know if anybody is able to find any other videos.
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A compilation of some funny weight lifting mishaps.
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I bet with all that money daddy is wishing he could buy himself a new son.
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